Wrapping Up 2015

The 2015 PRSA Annual General Meeting and Awards Ceremony, held on 21 November 2015, marked the end of the end of the 2015 sailing season.  At the AGM the membership approved a constitutional amendment adjusting the PRSA Dues Structure, celebrated the winners of the PRSA Spring and Fall racing series, bestowed the PRSA Perpetual Awards, and approved the 2016 PRSA Executive Committee.  You can view the agenda, constitutional amendment, a summary of the year’s racing results, and additional highlights on the PRSA website.

Congratulations to Bobby Astrove for winning the PRSA Spring Series and to Nabeel Alsalam for winning the PRSA Fall Series.  Within the fleet, Team No Call, No Show (co-skippered by Alex Thomson and Will Phillippe over the year) made a strong showing in both the spring and the fall.  John Van Voorhis also earned his first PRSA trophy with a strong showing in the fall.  Congratulations all around!  You can view all of the scores on the PRSA Results Page.

PRSA also recognize Lisa-Marie Lane with the Nabeel Alsalam Award (for exceptional service coordinating the many activities of PRSA) for all of her work in managing and promoting PRSA merchandise as well as her roles in regatta organization over the year.  Lindsay Bach‘s outstanding photography skills were recognized as he won the 2015 PRSA Photo Contest, earning him a free PRSA Calendar and the cover shot for the calendar.   Congratulations all around!

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