June 8th-9th, Dixie Districts, Hampton, VA


From Joe Buczkowski…Great weekend for the Dixie Districts.

Well despite the forecast Mother Nature had for the weekend we got in 6 fun but challenging races for the District championships. 13 Teams made the trek to Hampton VA – most in the pouring rain…

2019-0608 Wind Graph

Saturday racing started with strong easterly wind pushing close to 20 with some higher gusts.
After two races and an attempt for a third the RC abandoned race 3 and sent in the fleet. We enjoyed good fun over dinner and even celebrated Bill Cabrall’s birthday with
cake a round of “Happy Birthday!”

Side Note from LM: After race two, I decided that even with the amazing crew of Aaron & Jim, I was not going to be able to sail for another hour plus with the strength I needed. We decided to retire and radioed to RC that we were going in, as I passed Joe’s boat with my son Ed, he made sure to give me a hard time about going in and why can’t we stay out and finish the last race…As we were turning into the calm of the marina we saw the fleet close behind. As the other boats came ashore we found out that as race 3 was abandoned. The determining factor…after the start of race 3, instead of beating up the course, Joe’s boat was suddenly falling off fast. Like any good forward, Ed started yelling back “Hey Joe, you’re off the wind…” and when no one answered, he turned around and saw Joe and most of the main sheet were no longer on the boat. With excellent reaction skills Joe’s son Zach and Ed were able to get the boat under control, without a main sheet, and turned into the wind so it wouldn’t capsize. RC picked up Joe and was able to tow “Irie” and crew safely back to shore. At which point my son quickly pointed out how smart we were to come in when we did…LOL

2019-0609 Wind Graph

Sunday was a pleasant surprise as the forecast was for storms and high winds but we got a great easterly breeze in sun in the 12-15 range and got 4 awesome races in.

We finished just in time as the wind did gust up as we finished the last race and headed in.

Congrats to Steve, Chloe and Dave Constants for winning the championship! Jim Allman, Trevor Prior, Joan Hurban and Joe Buczkowski rounded out the top 5. Zach
Buczkowski was the top placing junior and Jose Darrah was named youngest sailor (although in a crib she let Mom and Dad sail. Just as important!)

At the start the forecast was bleak to get in one race let alone the 6 we ended up with!

Congrats to Steve Constants and team in showing us how it’s done! Thanks to Zack and Ed for working hard in challenging conditions and getting us to 5th overall.

2019-0608 Dixie_District_Championship_Results

New Fleet 50 Flag & Summer Sailing! Are you Ready for Racing!?!


Greetings Sailors,
I hope you have been enjoying your summer with friends and family!
The first thing I want to share with you is our new Fleet 50 Flag!!!!
New Fleet 50 Flag

New Fleet 50 Flag

When I first joined Fleet 50, I asked if we had a Fleet Flag…I was told the fleets do not have flags as they just use the yacht club burgee. While this is nice and we have the PRSA burgee, I really thought it would be nice to have a Fleet 50 Flag…so, one of my agenda items over the summer was to create a Fleet 50 Flag that we can fly while traveling to away regattas.
Since everyone in our club worked so hard volunteering for our Dixie Districts, we had a great turn-out and actually did well financially.  In light of everyone’s hard work, I have discussed it with the officers and we will be selling the new Fleet 50 Flag, at cost, for $35.  Fleet 50 will cover the one time art set-up and shipping charges.  If you are interested in buying a flag, please let me know, I have 23 available and will bring them with me to the 1st Fall Sunday Series 9/9/18.  Please bring a check payable to “Fleet 50.”
Summer Sailing
It has been a very busy summer and I wanted to share  some regatta highlights…There have been a lot of great opportunities to sail in Lightning Regatta’s this summer and as you can see below, Fleet 50 Members have been active at several events!  If you have attended a regatta, please make sure to send a write up and photos!  We love to show posts of our Fleet 50 members!!!
July 6-July 8 Lightning 80th Anniversary, Skaneateles, NY
This was a wonderful regatta.  We had 5 Fleet 50 Skippers competing on 3 different boats! And really enjoyed hanging out with our sister fleet at SSA
#15126 Jim Lane sailed with Will Summers and Paul Kresge in the Silver Fleet!
#7603 Bob Astrove, Geoff Fuller & Molly Levy in the Bronze (Wooden Boat Division)
#9507 Bill Cabrall, Raeyane Farrell & Lisa-Marie Lane  (Wooden Boat Division)
Make sure to congratulate Jim Lane and Will Summer for an awesome job finishing 6th place (out of 24 boats!)


80th Anniversary, Skaneateles, NY

80th Anniversary, Skaneateles, NY


Skaneateles Yacht Club

Skaneateles Yacht Club

IMG_0273 IMG_0236

Jul 24-Jul 28 Lightning North American’s, Mission Bay Yacht Club, San Diego, CA

Ed Lane represented Fleet 50 by crewing for Bill Cabrall & Raeyane Farrell (SSA)

San Diego, CA Bill Cabrall, Raeyane Farrell & Ed Lane

San Diego, CA
Bill Cabrall, Raeyane Farrell & Ed Lane

Aug 2-Aug 5 Lightning Women’s Junior’s & Master’s, Pontiac Yacht Club, , Keego Harbor, MI
Fleet 50 had 2 boats registered:
Women’s Team: As You Wish…Lisa-Marie Lane, Kyra Tallon & Jess Harrington
Men’s Team: Pandora, Bob Astrove, Jim Lane & Ed Lane
But by due to some unexpected health issues 2 weeks before the event, Bob Astrove was not able to head to MI!  This started a chain of events that once again proved:
 (a) Success is 90% Showing Up… and
 (b) Sometimes all it takes is being in the right place at the right time…
Tom Allen found out that he needed crew for the WJM’s in MI and Ed found out that he no longer had a boat in MI so he was offered the opportunity of the year to crew for Tom Allen and earn his 1st NA Championship as Tom Allen and crew finished in 1st place!  Unfortunately, this was the “one” regatta that someone did not need last minute crew so Jim was shore crew extraordinaire & helped on RC with Brain Hayes.  Well done Ed!!!  Good things are now expected of you!!!!

1A6C9AB7-9AF2-43E4-A61B-B7A395B8F204-8284-00000C2F923FC9E8 IMG_0401 IMG_0406 06543048-A753-4C20-BBC1-F5DDAE0AB779-8284-00000C35695E766D 5EF5427F-A3B4-41A9-B68C-246C177E00AD-8284-00000C309AAE58FF IMG_0370 B28C1DE6-C50A-4CD5-88BC-AFF1F2CC1505-8284-00000C343BCF5B4B

Aug 25-Aug 26 Fleet 192-Duck Challenge, Harve De Grace, MD
USCG Auxiliary checking in on the Harve de Grace Duck Mascot!
USCG Auxiliary checking in on the Harve de Grace Duck Mascot!
This last regatta of the summer had 18 competitors and 3 fleet 50 boats & 10 Fleet 50 members competing!  The fall, team Bishop will be a boat to watch out for…they sailed well even finished 2nd in race 5 on Sunday!  Congratulations Geoff, Quinton & Gigi!!!!!  
Saturday ended up being a relaxing day on the water as the wind never did fill in, so the RC brought us in mid-day, but Sunday was perfect 10-12kt from the SW for all 5 races!
#15084 Ed Lane crewed for Joe Buczkowski, Barb Hill (4th…bumped out of 3rd place by Team Hurban!)
#76113 Geoff Bishop, Quinton & Gigi Bishop (9th)
#15603 Bob Astrove, Jared McLenore &  Jonathan Karpethin (Bobby’s original crew is back!!!!) (10th)
#15126 Jim Lane, Emily Patton (our newest Fleet 50 Member!!!) & Lisa-Marie Lane (16th)

Team As You Wish...Waiting for the wind..

PRSA & Fleet 50 Flag proudly flying

PRSA & Fleet 50 Flag proudly flying

Sail Fast!!!