The Latest Adventures of David & Barb Thompson on Team Blue Too!

Hello Fleet 50!

Last weekend we drove up to Basalt, CO (near Aspen), about 3.5 hours from our home in Denver, checked into the Best Western Aspenalt Inn —  right on the Frying Pan river — then hauled our boat 18 miles farther to the Aspen Yacht Club on Ruedi Reservoir, to participate in the 2012 Aspen Open Regatta.

It was an adventure!  Kai, our 16-year-old grandson and middle crew, analyzed mountain racing as “no wind, except when a storm cell is passing overhead.”  And pass overhead they did!   Between Saturday and Sunday we got in four races and escaped with boat and spirits undamaged, although I did suffer an adrenalin overdose on Saturday when hit from behind with a 40+ MPH gust (fortunately, our chute was not up).

On the way home we overnighted at Glenwood Springs and, after checking in to the Holiday Inn Express, made a beeline for the hot springs therapy pool to soak off the tensions of the weekend before heading out to  dinner.  After a good night’s sleep we headed home on Monday.

Here is a full regatta write-up.

Hope things are well in Washington DC — heat waves and no electricity not withstanding.


David and Barb

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