Moonshine Musings

Last week at this time I was sitting back on the porch at the Virginia Inland Sailing Association (VISA) in Smith Mountain Lake, VA, enjoying the last bit of my pulled-pork and smoked brisket dinner and sipping on a wonderful blackberry moonshine.  Given that we don’t have any sailing this weekend, I thought I’d take a minute to write up what I remember from the moonshine.  Four Fleet 50 boats — Lisa-Marie, Nabeel, Ron, and Will/Alex — were at the regatta.  In addition I was there sailing with Nabeel, Bruce sailed with the Kelly’s from Annapolis, and Lisbet sailed with Charlie Wardwell.

VISA has a ton of great pics up on their facebook page ( and the regatta also received coverage on the local news channel.  The TV news clip even features Lisa-Marie and Jim Lane’s son, Ed, who sailed with Greg Kelly and Bruce Heida on Sunday!  Full results have been posted to the ILCA Results page and you can keep reading for more details from the regatta.  If you were there, feel free to add your own observations and recollections as comments to this post!

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