Technology Survey Results

Here are the results from the Fleet 50 Technology Survey that we conducted earlier this fall after the question of using certain data collection devices came up on the listserv.  The attached file provides the question-by-question breakdown of responses as well as the comments that were included in the various “other” and “additional comments” fields.

A couple of key takeaway points from the survey:

  • We received 29 valid responses, the majority of which (72%) self-identified as Fleet 50 skippers.
  • A plurality (48%) of respondents viewed the use of these apps/devices as legal under existing rules as long as data was not viewed on the water; a substantial minority (38%) saw the use of these apps/devices as not permitted under ILCA bylaws.
  • A substantial majority of respondents (79%) supports the use of these apps/devices in local fleet racing for learning purposes.
  • A substantial majority of respondents (72%) thought that the Fleet 50 Executive Board should consider permitting the use of these apps/devices (as per the latitude given to local clubs under Section X of the ILCA bylaws) for local fleet racing in coming seasons.

There were also a range of additional comments provided on the survey, and you’ll find those narrative comments at the end of the attached file.

In light of this feedback, the Fleet 50 Board will be developing the language for one or more motions concerning the use of these devices.  We will then consider these motions and vote on them at the Fleet 50 Awards Banquet and Business Meeting in February, so please stay tuned!

Fleet 50 Tech Survey Results