Important Spring Dates and Reminders

PRSA Spring Series #1: the sailing season kicks off on Sunday, April 1!  Plans are for an extended BBQ and social event afterwards, organized by PRSA…so bring your appetites as well as your competitive spirit!  Click here to see PRSA Commodore Scott Snyder’s spring message to the fleets.

Leesylvania Park Cleanup Day: April 28 (10:00 a.m.).  Mark your calendar now to volunteer a few hours to help us clean up the park where we’ll be sailing for the Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup.  This volunteer opportunity is our way to give back to the park and to show our support for all that Jim Dillard does each year in organizing the park, the permits, and the refreshments for our Doc Gilbert regatta.  More information on ride-share opportunities will be sent along as the date approaches.  Let a fleet officer know if you have questions, or feel free to conctact Jim Dillard directly (

Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup: May 5-6.  This is Fleet 50’s signature spring regatta.  Mark your calendars now, and encourage your friends in Fleet 50 and beyond to attend.  This regatta is also your first chance to compete for Purnell Cup points!

Dixie District Regatta: June 9-10.  Additional information to follow, but we’ll need “all hands on deck” to organize and host a fantastic regatta while also putting lots of boats on the line.

Calendar of Events: click here to see the complete sailing schedule, which also includes Dixie District events and other fun activities and events.

Dues: lets work on getting our Fleet 50 dues (just $20 for skippers, no crew dues!) and PRSA dues paid before we start racing this spring.  That way, you’ve got it out of the way and you’ve got all the more incentive to race all spring.  All the relevant info can be found a bit farther down on the website or by clicking here.

Dixie District Report: at the recent meeting of District Fleet Captains our new Dixie District Commodore, Steve Constants, noted that we have a very exiting year ahead.  We are fortunate to have a fantastic number of regatta opportunities across the District–most of which are less than 2 hours away!  We have added a Dixie Districts segment to the Fleet 50 website where you can find more information about District regattas, history, and information on Dixie District traditions like the Purnell Cup Competition.

In 2012 we really want to make a point of supporting our fellow District fleets by traveling to their regattas, which is of course one of the best ways to build camaraderie across the District, enhance our own competitiveness on the water, and general enthusiasm for the District events that we are hosting.  Here I’d like to pass along, and endorse, the “1 plus” challenge that Steve issued at the District meeting: each of us should have the goal of trying to travel to one more Dixie District regatta than you did in 2011.  If you traveled to two events last year, make it 3 in 2012.  If you weren’t able to travel last year, make it a point of traveling to at least one district regatta.  If we all aim for this goal, we’ll have at least 20 boats on the line at each district regatta, which will make for some fantastic racing!   Let me know if you would like to travel to a District regatta and are short of crew, of if you would like to travel to a regatta and crew for somebody, and we’ll make a point of matching up skippers and crews both within the Fleet and across the District.

Keep reading for additional details on the organization of the Doc Gilbert and Dixie District Championship Regatta.

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