Nabeel, Russ, and Scott Report from Miami

I wish we were back with you to help shovel the driveway.  Not!

The sailing here in Miami is spectacular. Three races on Sunday. Winds 15 to 20 and lightening.  The chop on port tack was tough but the people who got their boats dialed in to the conditions (not us) had an easy time punching through it.

They have a mentor-mentee program that is great with morning and evening briefings and the chance to ask questions on the water.

Monday was an even better day.  The last leg of the third race was memorable.  We were planning almost the whole way.  I focused entirely on keeping the boat under the spinnaker and we were going much faster than the waves!  No need to try to surf them like we were doing in the earlier races – which was great fun.

Geoff Becker explained a very cool technique of using the centerboard to surf the waves.  Cleat the mainsheet and forget it.  Grab the centerboard line and work the centerboard up and down.  When you see a wave pass the bow and feel the next one starting to raise the transom, “trunk” the board and heel a bit. to windward.  The boat slides down the wave fast to leeward.  As you reach the bottom of the trough drop some board and the boat automatically steers up a bit to windward and accelerates.  No need to push the tiller around to steer and so the boat is faster.

It is 8:00 on Tuesday and a line of storms is passing over.  They should be through in an hour and we will have a NW breeze to sail the final race or two (we hope).

By the way, we got the boat dialed into the conditions yesterday and the boat speed improved significantly which along with two nice starts gave us two good races.

Great fun!

Nabeel, Scott, Russ