Fall Series #8 and PRSA Annual General Meeting

Greetings Sailors,

Mark your calendars! 

This coming Sunday is the last day of racing for the fall series.  The forecast is for partly cloudy skies with a high of 52 and moderate winds from the south.  It it holds true, this should be a great day to end the season!  Then next Saturday is the PRSA Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet.  Visit the PRSA website for details and to sign up!

Racing Highlights…

Last weekend, team As You Wish…was in Hampton VA for the Fall Fling.  It was a great event with 2 days of racing and one of the highest turnouts in many years.  There were 7 Lightnings, and would have been 8, except 2 boats needed crew and had to combine boats.  Sat we had 5 hard races, the wind was predominately steady from the north winds from 15-20.  The steady breeze made the 5 races races very lively and tiring but never out of control or too much to handle.  Saturday night the Hampton Yacht Club members hosted an awesome Pot Luck/Oyster Roast at one of the member’s homes a few blocks away from the club.  By Sunday, the breeze was predicted to die all day following the front that came thru but it stayed in the 5-6 range and the RC was able to get in 2 additional races.  This was the prefect way to end the regatta, the temps were in the 70’s, most of us were wearing shorts and although the winds were light, no paddling was required!  Congrats again to the winners, Trevor Prior, Hans & Gary sailed well and placed 1st; Joe Bukowski, Ed Lane & Zack Bukowski came in 2nd and Team Hurban, Joan, Gary and Paulie Kaiser were a very close 3rd. (See the pics below).

Some winter thoughts…If you have not considered traveling to away regattas, please reconsider.  When Jim and I first joined Fleet 50 and were trying to “get the basics” of this incredibly humbling boat down, the number one recommendation to getting more experience by traveling to away regattas.  Although when we first considered traveling it was quite overwhelming, it has been the best thing we have done to gain experience.  If you have questions, just ask! There are many folks who will help with recommendations and procedures on traveling, stepping your mast, setting up your boat and all around cheerleads for new teams.  And most importantly, the host clubs are so excited to get more boats on the line!  You will find new friendships, lots of great sailing stories and invaluable knowledge.  Lightning sailors are a tight knit group that will go out of their way to support each other! 

Hope to see everyone Sunday!

2016 Season Wrap-Up

It is hard to believe that our 2016 season has concluded already!  It was good to see a number of you at the 2016 PRSA Annual General Meeting and Awards Ceremony a few weekends ago.  The scores for the 2016 Spring Series and Fall Series have been posted and we are working on scoring the 2016 Fleet 50 Championship Series.  Pease join me in congratulating the winners of the 2016 PRSA Spring Series and Fall Series in the Lightning Class as well as the Fleet 50 members that were honored with PRSA Perpetual Awards: Aaron Boesenecker was awarded the PRSA Founder’s Trophy (for exceptional service to PRSA); Frank Gallagher was recognized by the PRSA Fleet Captains with the Fleet Captain’s Trophy (for outstanding Race Committee service, in this case for his work at the 2016 PRSA President’s Cup Regatta), and Will Phillippe was awarded the Yates Dowell III Award (for outstanding administrative service to PRSA).  Congratulations all around!

While the 2016 racing season is still fresh on your mind, I would invite Fleet 50 skippers and crews to send in nominations for our annual Fleet 50 Awards.  The awards themselves are described on the nomination ballot.  This is always a fun part of our annual meeting, so give some thought now to the past year and send in your nominations!  I will also send along information on our own Fleet 50 AGM & Awards Banquet in the near future.

Finally, a reminder that PRSA Dues are now due for 2017.  You have until January 15, 2017 to pay your PRSA Dues.  Please use the online form on the PRSA Website to complete/update your membership information and submit payment (via PayPal or by mailing a check as per the instructions on the application form).  Pay now and you’re all set for 2017!


PRSA AGM & Awards Banquet: November 19

The 2016 PRSA Annual General Meeting and Awards Banquet will be held on Saturday, November 19, 6-9 pm, in the community room at Marina Towers in Alexandria, VA.  Dinner & drinks will cost $25/person / $10/person for those under 21 (pay at the door with check or cash).   This is always a great chance to see everybody and reminisce about another year of great sailing, so I hope to see you there!  Please sign up here as soon as possible so that our volunteers can plan for the appropriate amount of food and drink.

A full agenda and details on the PRSA business meeting will be posted soon.  In the meanwhile, here is the basic schedule of events:

  • 6:00  Appetizers & Drinks
  • 6:30  Dinner
  • 7:30  Business Meeting & Awards
    • 7:30-8:00  Officer Reports
    • 8:00-8:30  Open discussion
    • 8:30-8:45  PRSA Spring & Fall Series Awards
    • 8:45-8:55  PRSA Perpetual Awards
    • 8:55-9:00  Discussion & approval of 2017 PRSA Executive Committee
  • 9:00  Adjourn & Cleanup

2014 PRSA Annual General Meeting & Awards Banquet

The 2014 PRSA Annual General Meeting and Awards Banquet will be held on Saturday, November 15, 7-9 pm, in the party room at Marina Towers.  Dinner will cost $20 per person (pay at the door) and will feature beef roast, chicken, vegetable dishes, sides, and assorted beverages.  Additional details, including an AGM agenda, will be posted soon.  This is always a great chance to see everybody and reminisce about another year of great sailing, so I hope to see you there!  Please sign up here to let us know whether you will be attending.

Directions: From the Washington Sailing Marina, go south on GW parkway towards Alexandria. Stay to the right and take the Slaters Lane exit. (It is the first exit you come to). Turn left onto Slaters Lane from the ramp. This will take you across the parkway. Go through the intersection and past the first buildings and look for the high rise on the left. That is the building. It is only five minutes from the marina.  When you arrive, please go to the front desk, sign in and ask where the PRSA Party is. They will direct you to the party room.

2012 PRSA Annual General Meeting

Here is PRSA Scott Snyder’s message regarding the AGM.  Make sure to sign up if you’re coming!

Greetings Sailors, its hard to believe that the season is already over (or just starting for the Lasers)… Fast approaching is our Annual General Meeting which is being held Nov 17th at Marina Towers. We will be passing out awards for the Spring/Fall series, Spring/President’s Cup Regatta and our perpetual awards at the meeting. We also have some new perpetual awards I’m told. We will also be electing our Executive Board. There is an opening on the Executive Board for a Rear Commodore. We need all the help we can get running this organization and this is a great opportunity for you to have a say in PRSA’s future.  The Rear Commodore is responsible for our racing activities. If you are interested or would like to nominate someone please let me know. Also we are planning on doing something different for food this year, more to come later. If your planning on coming please goto the link below and let us know so we can plan food and drinks accordingly. Hope to see you
there. Thanks!

Sign Up

Who’s Coming:

2011 Fleet 50 Championship Series Final Scores

Well after a rip roaring last day of the season, we finally have a Champion! Congratulations to Rick Welch and Team Sinistra who won it all with a 1.7 average score. Fleet Runner up this year is Nabeel Alsalam and Team Shadowfax, just 2 tenths of a point behind the winners for a 1.9 average. Team Resistance skippered by Frank Gallagher came in third with a 2.9, Team Ariel, the Storck/Heida 2 headed monster, came in fourth with a 4.3, and Eric Hakanson and Team Ferris Bueller hung on for fifth with a 5.4 despite not being out there on the last day. Chris Kozel and Team String Theory get an honorable mention for doing everything they could to dislodge Team Ferris Bueller from fifth with a 5.9 average for the season.

Here are the final standings:

2011 Fleet Championship Final

A couple of interesting factoids to note:

We got 70 races this year, which I believe is a record. Over the last two years, Team Sinistra has been the most consistent, averaging 1.7 over both seasons.

Here are the final scores for the Spring and Fall Series, awards to be given out this Saturday at the PRSA banquet:

2011 Spring Series Final

2011Fall Series Final


The PRSA Annual Banquet will be held Saturday November 19th at Marina Towers. Details are below. Hope you and you crew can make it, please mark your calendars. If you planning on coming please add your name to the “Who’s Coming” list so we can arrange enough food. Click here to see who’s coming.

Also, we have a couple openings on the Executive Board. We are looking for a few good people who are interested in helping lead PRSA into the future. If you are interested or would like to nominate someone, please let me know. Thanks.

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