2014 President’s Cup Regatta: September 6-7

The 2014 PRSA President’s Cup Regatta will be held September 6-7 at Washington Sailing Marina.  The NOR, Sailing Instructions, and other details have been posted to the PRSA regatta webpage.  Please take a minute to read through these details and sign up on the “Who’s Coming?” list so that we know who will be attending and so that we can generate some momentum for the regatta.

Please note that there are a couple of important changes for the 2014 regatta:

  • All competitors must register online and pay their entry fee (either via PayPal or mailed check) in advance of the regatta.  A link to the online entry form and details regarding payment will be posted to the regatta webpage.  We cannot accept registration fees on site given NPS enforcement of provisions that prohibit the exchange of money on national park grounds.
  • We will be running the President’s Cup as a one-design regatta with the emphasis on racing.  The Leukima and Lymphoma Society (LLS) party on Saturday will likely begin well before we finsih racing on the one-design upper course.  Please plan accordingly, as the RC intends to conduct as many races as conditions allow.  We will not be scoring boats separately for LLS racing awards.  President’s Cup trophies will be given as described in the President’s Cup NOR.
  • Any boats wishing to raise funds for the LLS should register directly with the LLS on this website: http://www.leukemiacup.org/nca/  The LLS strongly encourages online fundraising in advance of the event.  However, cash or check donations will be accepted Saturday morning on board the Potomac Belle (stationed somewhere near WSM).  Dinner tickets for the Saturday LLS  party can also be purchased at that time.

2013 President’s/Leukemia Cup: Great Wind, Great Racing, and a Great Celebration

What a fantastic weekend!  We were pleasantly surprised with great breeze on both Saturday and Sunday, we had tight racing on both the upper and the lower courses, and we had great celebrations after the racing on both Saturday and Sunday.  The folks on the lower course got 6 races on Saturday, and on the upper course we had 4 races on Saturday and 3 more on Sunday.  All told there were 61 boats on our PRSA one design courses (14 Lightnings, 12 Albacores, 10 Cats/Scows, 7 Bucs, 7 El Toros, 4 Flying Scots, 4 Lasers, and 3 Penguins).  You can’t ask for anything more in a regatta!

Many PRSA sailors also supported the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through fundraising efforts and through their own contributions.  As we went into the regatta weekend the fundraising total was trending towards $160,000+ and many sailors made generous donations at registration over the weekend.  I’ll be sure to send along the final totals on the fundraising efforts once those figures are available from the LLS.  In the meanwhile, a huge “thank you” on behalf of the LLS to all those sailors who contributed to the fundraising effort.

Keep reading for links to scores as well as for some of my observations from the upper course.  Be sure to add in your own comments and recollections as well!

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Register Now for the 2013 President’s/Leukemia Cup!

Registration is now open for the 2013 President’s/Leukemia Cup Regatta.  You can register for the regatta and sign up to raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (optional, but encouraged!) using the registration form on the PRSA President’s/Leukemia Cup Regatta Webpage.  The NOR and additional information on fundraising incentives from the LLS has also been posted to the regatta page.

Early registration is a huge help for the regatta planners, so sign up now!  Any boat that raises $100 before the regatta will be eligible for LLS racing awards based on your Saturday finishes as well as additional prizes and incentives from the LLS.  Raise more than $100 and you’ll receive additional prizes and goodies from the LLS.  You can request a fundraising website from the LLS when you sign up on the PRSA page, or you can turn in cash/check donations at the regatta registration on either Friday night or Saturday morning.

Please contact your PRSA Liaison to the LLS, Aaron Boesenecker, with any questions (apb99@mac.com).

2012 President’s/Leukemia Cup: What a Blast!

Saturday saw breezes of 15-20 kts with gusts to 30.  Rigs came down, boats were upside down, and crews were swimming.  Thankfully everybody made it through safe and sound and we were all on shore when the storm front (with 50+ kt winds!) hit.  Unfortunately, that storm meant that the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society had to shut down the party before fundraising and racing awards were handed out and before the raffle and silent auction winners were announced.  We’ll pass along updated information from the LLS as soon as we receive it, including any information concerning prizes or awards you may have won if you were fundraising for LLS.

Sunday ended up being a gorgeous day with a 10-12 kt NW breeze, wonderful sunshine, and great racing.  The RC did a great job in getting us four races and we all enjoyed a nice BBQ after the racing.  Keep reading for more details from the racing and for the preliminary scores.  Also, don’t forget to post your own comments and recollections from the weekend!

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Register now for the 2012 President’s/Leukemia Cup!

Online pre-registration for the 2012 President’s/Leukemia Cup is now up and running!  You can pre-register your boat and, if you wish to raise funds to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, you can do so by indicating this preference on the PRSA pre-registration form.  The regatta will be held on September 8-9 this year.  We’ve posted the link to the PRSA pre-registration form, a list of key dates, and all the rest of the relevant info to the PRSA President’s/Leukemia Cup page.  You can also access this information by clicking the “President’s/Leukemia Cup” link on the top navigation menu of the PRSA Homepage.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me — your PRSA Rep to the LLS.

President’s/Leukemia Cup Photos!

Follow this link for some excellent photos of the racing taken by Carl Schaefer during the 77th Annual President’s/Leukemia Cup.  Many thanks to Carl for volunteering his time, as well as to Whit Overstreet from Potomac Riverkeeper for the use of their boat as a photograph platform during the regatta.

If you wish to use these pix for marketing, for posting online, or for any other commercial purpose other than for private viewing, please contact Carl (cgschaefer@gmail.com).  At a minimum, picture credit should be attributed to Carl G. Schaefer, Jr, Copyright 2011.

President’s / Leukemia Cup Wrap-Up

Congratulations to team Sinistra (Rick Welch, Piercarlo Brunino, Aaron Boesenecker) for taking 1st place in the Lightning Fleet in the 77th Annual President’s/Leukemia Cup Regatta, and for winning the 2011 PRSA President’s Cup Trophy…!  Despite dire forecasts for both the river and wind conditions, we were greeted with a sunny, breezy day on Saturday morning and a river that had far less debris than expected.  The RC, headed by Nabeel Alsalam, did a great job of getting us four W2 races in a 6-12 kt NW breeze.  It was a good thing, too, as Sunday was also a spectacularly sunny, clear day…but one that lacked even a semblance of a breeze!  That didn’t stop us from wrapping up the President’s Cup with a fantastic picnic party, though, complete with some bocce ball and plenty of food and drink for all.  You can find the full results here and read on for some more details from the regatta.

We were especially happy to see some of our newest fleet members, including Chan Swallow (sailing with Dave Simpson & Dave Mejia) on Blue Streak and Art Harris (sailing with Larry Baun & Emma Harris) come out for the regatta.  It was also a treat to welcome Barbara & David Thompson (sailing Nabeel’s boat) back to town for the regatta.  Dave and Barbara – you are henceforth in charge of providing us with this kind of good weather for all of our future regattas!

I’ve provided some more details on Saturday’s  racing below.  Before getting to the details and results, though, I also want to extend a big “thank you” to everybody who also participated in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s fundraising efforts.  Overall, it looks like the LLS raised over $177,000 through the regatta, and our efforts in Fleet 50 and in PRSA more broadly were an important part of that effort.

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The 77th Annual President’s / Leukemia Cup is just one week away!

Have you signed up to enter the regatta?  Take a moment to sign up and to view who is coming on the President’s/Leukemia Cup website: http://www.potomacriversailing.org/PresidentsLeukemiaCups/   You do not need to pay your entry fee in advance, but signing up online really helps the regatta organizers plan for food and other regatta details.  Plus, it generates good enthusiasm among your fellow sailors – so take a moment to sign up today!

It is also not too late to register with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to raise funds for a great cause!  If you raise just $100 in advance of the regatta, you will qualify for the LLS Saturday Racing Awards (model wooden boats, 2 deep in each one-design fleet).  You will also receive 3 dinner tickets for Saturday’s post-race party, 2 regatta t-shirts, and a goody bag with more fun stuff.  Click below to read more about additional fundraising incentives and the rest of the weekend’s activities, including Friday night’s party and guest speaker Gary Jobson.

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Sign up for the 77th Annual President’s / Leukemia Cup Regatta!

Have you signed up for the 77th Annual President’s/Leukemia Cup Regatta yet?  We want to see you out on the water, and there is still time to make sure that your boat name appears on the regatta t-shirt!  The deadline to raise $100 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has been extended to August 26.  Want to make sure that your boat name appears on the regatta t-shirt?  Keep reading to find out how, in three easy steps.

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