Fleet 50 Annual Meeting & Awards Banquet

Fleet 50 Annual Meeting
Our Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet was this past Saturday, February 11, 2012. A special thanks to Rose Gentile for hosting all 50+ of us. It was a great turnout and a chance to meet some new members who will be joining us on the water when the Spring Series starts.

2011 Fleet Championship
We had an excellent season with a total of 70 races run. On any given Sunday there were different winners with several skippers earning that elusive first bullet over the course of the season and some hard fought races playing the shifts, covering, or gaining that crucial inside overlap.

Congratulations to Rick Welch, Aaron Boesenecker, Piercarolo Brunino and Lisbet Kugler of Team Sinistra! They were the model of consistency putting Sinistra on the line for all 70 races and finishing with an impressive 1.7 average. Team Shadowfax of Nabeel Alsalam, Craig Huzway, Stefano de Leo finished second 2 tenths behind with an average of 1.9. Team Resistance of Frank Gallagher, Mladen Karcic, Will Summers placed third with a 2.9, Jeff Storck, Bruce Heida, Becky Mach of Team Ariel were forth with an average of 4.3 and Eric Hakanson and Team Ferris Bueller placed fifth with a 5.9 average.

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