Dixie District Championships: June 24-25

The Dixie District Championship Regatta, hosted by Fleet 329 at SSA, is just around the corner.  Let’s aim for a great Fleet 50 turnout!  The NOR and registration links are posted to our Dixie District website.  Make sure to sign up on the ILCA Who’s Coming List and then register by June 15 to receive the early registration discount!

SSA No Gas Regatta: Two Days of Great Annapolis Sailing

Sixteen boats turned out for the SSA No Gas Regatta in Annapolis for two days of great racing in Annapolis.  We had great Fleet 50 participation, with Nabeel (sailing with Chandler Owen, Russ Roberts, and Jeff Witten), Lisa-Marie Lane (sailing with Jim and Molly-Lynn Westrate), Aaron crewing for Rick Welch (along with Kin Ellot), and Bruce Heida (crewing for Greg Kelly)

The breeze was up a bit early on Saturday morning as we all rigged, but things settled down to a pretty steady 12-14 by the time we were racing.  We had some good runs in the first race with plenty of hiking and then things stabilized out a bit for 3 more great races, with the breeze tailing off towards the end of the 4th race such that we were stripping off foul weather gear as we headed back to the marina (see the fantastic photo from Ted Morgan, below, and more regatta photos here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm18qtfY).

Sailing with Rick and Kin we made a concerted effort to have a plan for the first leg off the start (direction to go, when/whether to tack) and we did a fairly good job of executing that plan in most races.  Competition was tight in a very talented fleet, though, and an OCS in race 1 didn’t help our overall position after day 1.  Nonetheless, we had a blast, went fast, and enjoyed some great bbq & beer at SSA after the racing.

The breeze was forecast to be lighter on Sunday and that forecast held true, with winds in the 8-10 range for most of the day.  We again really focused on a plan, and on looking up the course for shifts and pressure.  We managed to get a few things right for some decent finishes (a 4 and a 6 among them) on Day 2.  After three races we were back on shore toasting the leaders and celebrating another No Gas (one with 7 races and very little power boat chop!) in the books.  Full results are posted here: http://www.lightningclass.org/racing/results/2017/noGas.asp.  A great regatta all around, and great to have good Fleet 50 participation!

Purnell Cup Results

Congratulations to Steve Constants (Fleet 329/SSA) on winning the 2015 Purnell Cup!  Nabeel Alsalam (Fleet 50/PRSA) was in hot pursuit.  The Purnell Cup is a traveler’s trophy awarded to a Dixie District Skipper who travels to, and does well in, a variety of Dixie District regattas.  Congrats to all of our District members who traveled to regattas last year.  Let’s do even more of it in 2016!

Big Breeze at the No Gas Regatta!

I was only able to make it up for day 2 of the No Gas Regatta, but as it turns out this was the best day to be there.  There was no sailing on day 1 due to a lack of wind.  Day 2 more than made up for that, with a breeze of 10-15 in the morning quickly building such that the RC saw sustained wind in the high teens and gusts in the 20s for the second race.  It was great to be on board Sinistra again with Rick and Lisbet.  We hiked hard upwind and worked hard on boat balance downwind to manage the puffs and waves.  A great planing ride on the last downwind leg of the day certainly made for some excitement!  It was great to be able to keep things close to Geoff and Steve to net us a 2nd overall as well.

The breeze continued to build after race 2 and after a bit of deliberation we all headed to shore.  At first it seemed like we could have run another race…but then the gusts really hit on the long upwind slog back to shore (with reports of sustained high 20s and gusts in the 30s).  Probably a good decision to call it after two exciting races.  I’m still sore today, but I’m sure glad I was there for the regatta–even if it felt more like the Frigid Digit than the No Gas!  Thanks to the folks in Fleet 329 at SSA for hosting another great No Gas Regatta!


Lighting Lab, No Gas Regatta, and OCF Fundraiser!

We have a whole host of great opportunities coming up this weekend!  Our friends at SSA up in Annapolis have organized a Lightning Lab to be conducted by class champion Allan Terhune for Friday, May 9.  The No Gas Regatta will be held on May 10-11, and the Olivia Constants Foundation Fundraiser will be held on the evening of May 10.  Here are the complete details for each event:

May 9-11th – No Gas Regatta Weekend at SSA

An Opportunity to Learn: Lightning Labs hosted by class champion Allan Terhune
Friday May 9th starting at 1000: all day clinic concentrating on tuning, tactics and strategy, both on and off the water (detailed schedule posted below).
Saturday & Sunday: briefing before and debriefing after racing on both days.
Contact Joan or Gary Hurban, jghurban@gmail.com, 410-923-2497

An Opportunity to Race: No Gas Regatta May 10-11th
Usually some of the best Chesapeake Bay sailing conditions of the year are in May, without the motorboat chop.  Just $60!

NOR: http://www.lightningclass.org/racing/calendar/nors/2014/nogas.pdf

As usual, Please let us know if you can come:

An Opportunity to Support a Great Cause: The Olivia Constants Foundation
will be holding its annual fundraiser on the evening of Saturday May 10th. A night of celebration with great food,drink and entertainment (flyer posted below). To purchase tickets, go to:
For more info contact Steve Constants, sconstants@mac.com for more information. www.oliviaconstants.org

Lightning Lab Flyer

OCF Fundraiser Flyer

A Frigid Digit That Wasn’t Frigid!

For the first time in recent memory, the Frigid Digit wasn’t all that Frigid!  What’s more, we had a fantastic turnout (38 boats!), great breeze on both days, and some incredible competition.  If you weren’t there, you missed an amazing regatta! In addition to the details that I’ve posted below, I’d also recommend reading Geoff Becker’s excellent summary of the racing.  Geoff finished 2nd in the regatta, and I’ve included a link to his write-up in the post on the Fleet 50 website.  A huge thanks to our friends up at SSA in Fleet 329 for hosting a great regatta and a great party!

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Frigid Digit This Weekend!

Who’s headed up to the Frigid Digit this weekend?  This is a fantastic regatta just up the way in Annapolis.  There are already 34 boats signed up, so we’re guaranteed to have some great racing.  Let’s see if we can help our friends up in Fleet 329 break 40 boats for the regatta.  Here’s the link to the regatta info page and sign up form: http://www.lightningclass.org/racing/calendar/eventDetail.asp?ID=629

Remember to post to the listserv if you are looking for crew, or if you are available to crew.  Skippers, remember that you can also check the PRSA Crew Connection listings if you need crew (http://potomacriversailing.org/crew-connection-2/).

I look forward to seeing you out on the water up in Annapolis this weekend!

No Gas 2013: From Calm to Carnage

I only sailed the first day of the No Gas Regatta (with Rick & Lisbet) and Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day — about 8-10 kts of consistent breeze for most of the day with flat water.  We did fairly well on Team Sinistra, with a couple of top-10 finishes in the 18 boat fleet (a fleet filled with some rock stars, no less).  A brief spell of rain and a calm spot came through the race course during the third race, but it quickly passed and overall we had a sunny day and a great afternoon and evening for celebrating after the racing and for the Olivia Constants Foundation Fundraiser & Celebration.

It sounds like day 2 of the regatta was a much different matter.  Text message reports from Lisbet, who stayed to sail with Gary Hurban (along with Jess Harrington) keep using the words “carnage” and “mayhem.”  Apparently Gary, Jess, & Lisbet capsized on the way to the racecourse amidst very breezy and puffy conditions, and opted not to race (as did a number of other boats).  I hear reports that Steve Constants turtled and broke his mast, and that one crew member from a different boat was taken to the hospital with hypothermia concerns, but is OK.  I hope everybody is safe, sound, warm, and dry now!

George Shapiro Memorial No Gas Regatta: May 11-12


Our friends up at SSA in Fleet 329 will be hosting the No Gas regatta on May 11-12. Mark your calendar and make plans to attend now — it would be great to have a strong Fleet 50 showing at this regatta! The full NOR with links is posted below.  You can download registration form from and fill out one copy at http://severnsailing.org/racemanagement/entryform.pdf

Please note that the No Gas is being held in conjunction with the 1st Annual Olivia Constants Foundation Fundraiser.  Competitors are invited to attend the Fundraiser for dinner on Saturday evening. Advanced tickets are recommended and can be purchased at http://www.oliviaconstants.org

Here are the links for the 2013 No Gas NOR and for information on the 1st Annual OCF Fundraiser.