Duck Challenge: August 27-28!

The Duck Challenge is this coming weekend!  I see that Bobby and Nabeel are already on the list.  Who else is going?  

Regatta details are posted to the ICLA website (  Pat and the folks up in Havre de Grace ask that you please add your name to the “Who’s Coming?” list so they have a good headcount for food/beverages and the like.

District Championship Regatta: June 11-12, Havre de Grace, MD

Lightning Fleet 192 up in Havre de Grace, MD, is hosting our Dixie District championships on June 11-12.  Click here to sign up on the “Who’s Coming?” list, view the NOR, read the registration information, and more.  Signing up early is a tremendous help for the event organizers who are working on organizing food, beverages, accomodations, and more.  Please sign-up now!

As you sign up and prepare, don’t forget to verify that you and your crew are ILCA memberships.  Skippers can purchase unaffiliated crew memberships for just $10 each if your crew is not already an ILCA member.

2015 Duck Challenge Regatta

The 2015 Duck Challenge will be held in Havre de Grace, MD, on August 29-30.  Our friends up in Fleet 192 are planning a great regatta for the 15th annual running of this regatta.  There are already 12 boats on the list, so don’t miss out on the fun!  Sign up on the ILCA “Who’s Coming?” list, view the NOR, and make your crew and travel plans now!

Duck Challenge Regatta: August 23-24

Our friends up in Havre de Grace are hosting the annual Duck Challenge Regatta on August 23-24.  This is always a fantastic venue for sailing with a great party as well.  The folks in Fleet 192 have asked me to remind you of all of these fun reasons to attend the Duck Challenge:

a) It’ll be fun.
b) It’s close (1-1.5 hr away)
c) There is often crew available (and extra fleet 50 crew are welcome to contact me for a ride)
d) There has always been wind and plenty of races
e) There is some great steak and salmon hot off the grill
f) Cold refreshments (need I say more?)
g) oh yea, lest you forgot….It will be fun !

Read the 2014 Duck Challenge NOR and sign up on the ILCA “Who’s Coming?” list now!