Charleston Wild Oyster Regatta – A Day in the Limelight

Charleston is a cool city. I had never been. Immediately, I start listening for the southern accent, but few of the locals have one. What gives? The Carolina Yacht Club is right at the bottom of the Peninsula and faces SE out over Charleston Harbor. The Ashley river comes down from the NW and the Cooper from the NE. Russ Roberts and I drove down on Friday and met Marc DeLoach, a high school student sailor who is a cousin of some sort to Russ. It was a beautiful day and Greg Fisher and Brian Hayes ran some starting drills and short races out on the water. We used the opportunity to get Marc used to the Lightning.

That evening we went on Eric Hakanson’s recommendation to “the Wreck” off of Shem creek. It is the classic fish shack. No investment in fancy surroundings, but right outside is a warf with large shrimp boats and a beautiful view of the sunset. The grilled (or fried) oysters, shrimp, and scallops were fresh, delicious, and reasonably priced. I love it.

The next morning we go to the skipper’s meeting and get a little lecture on current in Charleston harbor. They have more than we do on the Potomac. The ebb tide current can be over 2.5 knots. It’s less on the flood tide and luckily the regatta will be sailed mostly on the flood tide.

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