Fall Series #3: Wacky West Winds!

Driving down the parkway last Sunday I wasn’t sure that we’d get any racing in at all.  The river looked like glass, and there wasn’t a breath of air to be seen in the treetops.  As it turned out, though, a nice west breeze filled in (a wacky west breeze…but breeze nonetheless!) and the Buccaneer RC got us 4 races for the day.  Five Lightnings made it out to play, along with a few Albacores and some Catamarans.  As per usual, we also enjoyed a fine BBQ after the racing.

Keep reading for the details of the racing (including a “Bungle Bucket” nomination!) as well as links to Jeff’s summary on the PRSA site and to scores for the day.  Also, don’t forget to add in your own comments (or your corrections if I’ve missed your crew names or other details!).

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