2013 Lightning WJM North American Championships

There has been lots of racing going on of late, with the Women’s, Junior’s, and Master’s North American Championships up in Nyack, NY; the Poquoson Challenge; and the DC Sail Cantina Cup all being held over the last week/weekend.  For my part, I was up at the WJMs crewing for John and Diane Butler.  It was an amazing experience to see 32 boats in the Master’s division, 22 boats in the Junior’s division (wow — what an amazing thing for the sport!), and 5 Classic boats for the Classic Boat rally.  We might not have had much wind, but it was still an amazing regatta weekend!  I’ve included a few details below from the WJMs.  If you were sailing in the Poquoson Challenge or the Cantina Cup please post a few comments on your own racing!  Results and photos are posted to the regatta website.

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