Lightning Tuning Day and Capsize Drill…..Saturday , September 3 at 10AM at the Washington Sailing Marina (WSM) at 10 am.

All Fleet 50…Skippers, Crew, and Friends of Fleet 50…

Saturday , September 3 at 10am at the Washington Sailing Marina (WSM) at 10 am. Lightning Tuning Day and Capsize Drill…..
The best sailing of the year, Fall Sailing, is fast approaching…steady wind and warm water.  We have several new boats in the fleet who haven’t been tuned up yet

or out racing/daysailing with us yet.

So if you need to get your rig tuned up, or figure out how to trim sails, or change gears once you’re tuned up…Come on down….!!!!!

Everyone interested should bring their boats down by the 3 cranes..Nabeel Alsalam, Aaron Boesenecker, Eric Hakanson, myself and maybe Bob Astrove a couple others will be there to professionally “tune” your boat…Shroud tension, jibstay sag, mast rake, backstay tension, mast blocking, traveler adjustment, vang tension, wire and cloth adjustment, Cunningham…. Yeah – all those things and more….!!!!!Then Nabeel, Certified Master Tuner, will come around and give the final inspection to each boat…so you too will have that “I’m certified fast” feeling.

Following the tuning, I will demonstrate a Lightning capsize and righting/rescue in my boat at the docks…Yep…we’ll turn it over right there in front of you…!!!….it needs a good washing out anyway….and show you how to bring it back up…If you want 1st hand practice, well do it in your boat…. just let me know beforehand..Nabeel plans to put a PRSA crash boat in the water to demonstrate proper hookup and towing of a capsized Lightning.

Following the capsizing, we’ll have the grill fired up for a picnic and Q&A’s and meeting new members…Bring what you want to grill and drink…I’ll have some cold fleet 50 brews available for all…

If you think you might be interested in this, please respond to me, so we can have some idea of participation.

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