St. George Island Day Sail

Scott Bradford and I took Shadowfax for a great day sail last Saturday. On Linsday Bach’s recommendation from some years ago, we decided to check out St. George Island way down the Maryland side of the Potomac not too far from St. Mary’s College. Click here to see the route to St. George Island from the Marina

The public ramp is just off the north end of the island on the St. George Creek (east) side. The other (west) side is the Potomac. We got there before noon and the wind was light, so we decided to break out our “picnic”, i.e. beer, peanuts, cheese, and crackers. Then we explored the island a bit and found the funky campground called Camp Merrylanders. There is a hotel and restaurant on the north end of the island that looks quite nice.

Around 1:30, the wind picked up and so we took the covers and stepped the mast. We were off a little after 2:00 and the wind was a great 10-12 mph from the northwest. We sailed up the creek a bit, down to the end of the island and then up the St. Mary’s river all the way to the college and back. This is a beautiful part of the Bay. There is little powerboat traffic, beautiful homes on the shore to ogle, and it is just plain idyllic. The Route Shadowfax sailed

While we were derigging a cyclist recognized the classic shape of our lightning and stopped by to chat. His name is Mark and he used to crew for Dick Halligan. It is a small world. On the way, home we stopped at Bert’s 50s dinner for a 12 oz cheeseburger and Bert’s Fish Special.

See we racers do occassionally use our Lightnings for pure sailing fun.

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