Spring Series #6: A Blowout!

The wind was a bit too gusty for most folks on Sunday, though a few boats sailed around the cove, and a couple of Albacores braved the river to blast around.  Here’s a quick summary of the day from Laura Lake:

On the river, five Lightings showed, four Lightnings splashed, but I believe only one (Chessie) left the dock to sail around in the lagoon for a bit.  I am not sure, but it looked like they might have had a technical issue that forced them to stay in.  One Buc and one Catamaran also left the dock, though they opted not to come up to Haines point to race.  One of the Albacores was still going out but was short crew, I switched over and sailed with Nick in in three races against Barney.   Barney was providing Nick with tips and tricks of the trade, rather than truly racing, it was a lot of fun.  The wind was probably 15-20, with the occasional gust higher than that.  Many thanks to race committee (there were more people on race committee than sailing)-it was a fun day to get to be out on the river.

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