Spring Series #5: Light

Spring Series #5 ended up being a good day out on the water. It was warm with plenty of sun but there was enough wind to keep the boats moving. While the winds were mostly light averaging 5 out of the south / southwest it was steady unlike earlier weeks this year and the winds did build to close to 10 before dropping back to 5 but we did get some good racing in.

  • Bobby Astrove, Brian and Kristen Burke, and John VanVoorhis running RC
  • Will double handing with Laura on No Call No Show
  • Lisa-Maire Lane, Jim Lane, and Christy Chen on As You Wish…
  • Frank Gallagher, Ed Lane, and Odin Klug on Resistance is Futile
  • Bob Gotthardt, Karen Jones, and Guy Barkwell on Blind Squirrel
  • Chris Kozel, Liz Williams, and Riley Klug on String Theory

The tide was in at the start of the morning so we had plenty of water to sail in on the way up to the course and could cut across the river to make our way up to the race course. Some boats opted for a tow up to the course but everyone arrived in time for the start of racing.

Bobby as PRO set the first race as a triangle with the windward mark to the south, the jibe mark toward the channel and the leeward mark to the north. This worked well for me because we could sail high with the main and jib and the reach mark and not surrender too much ground to the spinnaker boats.

The second race for the Lightnings was a W2. I was able to keep up on the upwinds but being shorthanded and sailing lite made it harder to gybe the spinnaker so I lost ground on the first downwind and with the greater breeze and a few puffs opted to not fly it on the second downwind. I have a greater appreciation for Buc sailors trading off between the skipper and crew to manage the spinnaker.

Race 3 was another triangle. With some excellent tactics called by Laura we started towards the pin giving us clear air at the start and let us sail free out towards the channel in the current. This let us round to windward first and gave us a good head start towards the jibe mark. Sailing with just the main and jib we sailed high and tried to cover Bob Gotthardt only to have Frank drive high and hot over top of us both before entering the circle at the leeward mark and I found myself chasing them both to the finish.

The sail back to the marina was a challenge with the tide all the way out. I ended up sailing all the way to the power plant to make it into the channel to sail back to the marina.

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