Sad News: the Passing of David Thompson

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of David Thompson, Commodore of the Denver Sailing Association, member of Lightning Fleet 488, and beloved alumni of Lightning Fleet 50. David crossed the bar September 22, 2016 from complications due blood clots in his lungs. His wife Barbara is surrounded by their children.  I have included below some of the notes and remembrances that have come in via the Fleet 50 listserv and other forums today.  A Memorial Service is planned for 10:00am on Friday, September 30, at Pax Christi Catholic Church, 5761 McArthur Ranch Road, Littleton CO, 80126.  Lightning Fleet 50 will be making a donation to the ICLA Boat Grant Program in memory of David.  In this way, David’s memory will sail on with a new generation of Lightning sailors.  Please let Aaron know if you would like to contribute to the Fleet 50 donation.

  • “David was the ultimate Corinthian, and  a super friend of Fleet 50 for the 15 years or so he was here.”  — Frank Gallagher
  • Oh I am so sorry to hear this.  Dave’s previous Lightning was the very first one I ever set foot on when I first got involved with the Lightning scene. It was at Lightning Labs in Leesylvania back in March 2004.  And I have been so fortunate to meet so many great people since then and continue to sail.  Warm thoughts to Barb and the family.”  — Lisbet Kugler
  • “Dave was a wonderful supporter of Fleet 50.” — Ron Buchanan
  • “So sad to hear this news. David was a lovely man and a gentleman on the water. He was a true Corinthian sailor!” — Laurie Duncan
  • “He such a nice guy. Always had a smile on his face and happy to be out there on the water. He was the one my wife talked to about getting a chance to sail when Collin showed an interest in sailing. We showed up on a Wednesday night and David got us a ride. When we showed up again for the Leukemia Cup David got Collin a ride and me on the committee boat. David was very helpful and friendly it made the experience so inviting along with everyone at Fleet 50. He will be missed.”
    — Doug Kirby
  • “Dave was such an active fleet 50 member and such a kind, gentle, warm man, who just loved being out on the water. He gave so much to fleet 50 while he lived here.” — Stephen Constants
  • “Dave was a very nice man and always ready, willing and able to lend a hand.  No matter what he had to do for his own crew and racing, he would always stop and take the time to help others.” — Jennifer Snyder
  • Fellow Fleet 488 member Bill Cabrall as referred to David as “The Greatest Sailing Club Commodore in the World” for his unwavering dedication to the Denver Sailing Association, Fleet 488, and the Lightning Class for many years. In addition to his support of Fleet 488, he and Barb also spent over 15 years with Fleet 50. There too David was recognized as a true Corinthian and was well respected by all of us who sailed with/against him. He will be sorely missed. 
  • “I didn’t know Dave very well but I knew his boat. I owned and regularly sailed Dave’s’ old boat Éclair Vitesse Grand (aka EVG, aka the blue bomber) about 13 years ago. It was very well maintained and incredibly organized, definitely a reflection of its owner. I learned a ton on that boat and caught the sailing bug in a big way. If it wasn’t for Nabeel and Scott throwing me a line one blustery weekend in February years back it may have meet its end along the stony sea wall across from the airport. I sold it quite some time ago and have had a few boats in between, but whenever people ask how I got into sailing I always bring up Dave’s boat and the kindness of the members of Fleet 50 (in particular Frank Gallagher) that served as a great intro into an activity that I love. It warms my heart knowing that EVG lives on in the sheltered lakes of West Virginia. I have attached a few pictures from a trip I took to the OBX with Dave’s old boat years ago.” — Doug Palmer
  • David always represented what was best about Fleet 50. He was a Corinthian sailor to the core. In fact I think his picture should be on the page of the dictionary where you find the definition of that word. He was everyone’s friend, and was always ready to lend a hand. He volunteered to do every tough job there was in our Fleet, and he was always meticulous in attending to every detail. I remember sailing with him on EGV once or twice with Barbara, and I remember the the joy that he took in sailing his boat. Since their move to Colorado, both Barbara and David have been missed here in Washington, but it was always comforting to know he was still enjoying his boat and the water out there. Now he will be missed even more. Knowing David as I do, I am certain that he is now in the place where the winds are always fair, and the seas are always following. God speed David. — Jeff Storck

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