PRSA Spring Regatta Results

Congratulations to Nabeel, Jess, and Scott on Team Shadowfax for taking 1st place in the Lightning class at the 2016 Spring Regatta! Aaron (sailing with Lisbet and Evan) took second in the first full regatta he’d sailed in his new boat. Bobby Astrove (sailing with Sara, Brian, and John in various combinations over the weekend) took 3rd.  Overall, we had 6 Lightnings on the course (and a few more represented on RC over the weekend).  Aboard #14592 we did a good job with boatspeed and tactics on day 1 such that we led Nabeel by a point.  Nabeel, Jess, and Scott really brought their game on day 2, though, such that we couldn’t stay ahead of them.  A well earned victory for them!

We had 47 boats, nearly 100 sailors, and 2 days of great racing for the 2016 PRSA Spring Regatta! A huge thank you to all the volunteers who helped make the regatta a success — especially our RC volunteers on both courses and Heather and Melissa for fantastic food and beverages. A lot of people pitched in to help, though, and we’re thankful for everybody’s efforts. Links to results and other information are posted to the PRSA website.

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