PRSA Spring Regatta Recap

I have to echo the well-deserved praise for everyone who contributed to making it such a successful PRSA Spring Regatta and a great Memorial Day Weekend. The post race BBQ on Saturday by Lee, Lisa-Marie, and Jim was fantastic. PRO Nabeel Alsalam and his RC crew did an exceptional job in getting races off for so many boats and classes especially with the light air on Saturday.

I’ve written some reflections from day 1, below, and Aaron has a post on the PRSA Website summarizing the regatta as well.  Keep reading for all of the details from a very fun Spring Regatta!

For Final Scores, follow this link and then click on “Newsroom & Results” at the top and then “Race Results” if the scores don’t display at first (thanks to Upper Course PRO Nabeel Alsalam for doing the scoring).

Saturday gave everyone the opportunity to demonstrate their light air boat handling and ability to guess what the wind would do next. The forecast for the day was to start the day with winds out of the N/NW at roughly 5 and by the end of the day shift 180 degrees to be 5 out of the S/SW which is what we ended up with.

I was hopeful as we left the dock to sail up to the course that the forecast was going to be wrong and put on my life jacket because I had gotten cold as we sailed up to the course. Unfortunately the forecast held. As we arrived at the upper course between Hains Point and Gravely Point the wind died down and the postponement went up. When the breeze started to fill in RC set the course as best they could and started the races. All of the races on the day were either a Triangle or Olympic which given the conditions gave the best length and gave the RC flexibility. Aaron captured it best “In each race you had the chance of being first, last, first again, in the middle, and perhaps first (or last) at the end.”

The real keys to the day were to try to stay in the breeze, be patience and focused to figure out where the wind would fill in, and to stay out of trouble at the mark roundings with multiple classes bunching up. Frank Gallagher, Bill Mauk, and Bob Gotthardt each won one of the tricky day 1 races by following that formal.


Day 2 was a bit more straightforward, with a nice 8-12 knot southerly.  Aaron has written a nice summary of the day’s action on the PRSA website, so you can check that out here for more details on all of the action:


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