Plan Your 2014 Sailing Season

Our 2014 Dixie District racing calendar and our local fleet racing calendar have been posted!  Take a moment now to start planning your 2014 sailing season and, in particular, to think about the traveling regattas that you might like to attend.  We have a fantastic set of regattas across the District (and beyond) scheduled for the year, and most are within just a couple of hours drive from DC. The Dixie District calendar starts off with the Moonshine Regatta on April 12-13 (6 boats are already on the list, so add your name now!).  The District Championships are in Susquehanna, PA, this year on June 14-15.

Traveling to our District regattas helps to support the other fleets in our District and is also a great way to take your sailing to the next level by competing against different teams in different locales.  You’ll also to get to know the other sailors in the District.  Regardless of the sailing, there are always great celebrations with fantastic people and lots of good cheer at our District regattas!

As we look ahead to the 2014 season, I’d like to issue a challenge to all of our fleet members: travel to at least one more District regatta than you did in 2013.  Imagine the representation Fleet 50 would have at these regattas if we could all do that?  And think about how we’d improve both individually and as a fleet!  As a District and as a Class we pride ourselves on hosting regattas that are family-friendly and fun as well as competitive.  Think about a District regatta as a good chance for a weekend vacation with the family, or the chance to explore a new place.  Each regatta is about the sailing, but about much more than that as well!  So what will your “+1” traveling regatta be this year?  Post your plans as comments here to help generate some momentum!

As you gear up for the season don’t forget to pay your Fleet 50, PRSA, and ILCA dues.  Lastly, don’t forget to “like” the new Dixie District facebook page so that you receive all of the District news via your facebook news feed.  I look forward to seeing you all on the water this year!

2 thoughts on “Plan Your 2014 Sailing Season

  1. Jim & I are planning our first away event with the Moonshine Regatta. It happens to match the spring break schedule so we are planning on making it a family vacation and have rented a house. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!! Cheers- Lisa-Marie

    • Glad you’re heading to the Moonshine! Sounds like Will, Nabeel, and some other folks (myself included) are headed down as well. It should be a blast!

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