2012 GoPro Racing Footage

Fall Series #8

  • Highlights here: http://youtu.be/OfNI-4Xb2g0  The GoPro was on board with Red, Susan, and David, with David at the helm.  Some great footage!

Fall Series #6

  • Links coming soon!  The GoPro was back on board String Theory this weekend with better weather, more boats, and more exciting racing!

Fall Series #4

  • Highlights here: http://youtu.be/CJ377mg0Mn8  The GoPro was on board String Theory on this wet, rainy, and light wind weekend.  You’ll see the crew work the centerboard as much as the sails as they make their way around the lower course racing area off of the Alexandria power plant.  You’ll also notice a few planes in the landing pattern along with some good footage of Chris, Palmer, and Nicole.

Fall Series #3

  • Race 2 highlights: http://youtu.be/ra2sf3qlKFA  The GoPro was on board Resistance is Futile this weekend, and you’ll see some good starting line action as well as a duel between Frank (sailing with Bob Gotthardt) and Team Sinistra (Rick, Aaron, and Piercarlo) over the course of the race.

Fall Series #2

  • Race 1 highlights: http://youtu.be/UlwOHibFDxw  The GoPro was on board team Sinistra this weekend.  Here you’ll see some great footage of Rick and Aaron double-handing!  Rick nails a great pin-end start (forcing Chris and team String Theory outside of the pin in the process) and then goes on to negotiate the patches of wind and calm in a tricky race.  You’ll also see some great double-handed jibes as team Sinistra recovers from a difficult first leg to end up finishing at the top of the pack.
  • Race 2 highlights: http://youtu.be/IN8vLdrKHuA  Aaron took a turn driving as Rick and Aaron continued to doublehand.  The GoPro battery was on the fritz, but we did get some good close quarters action with Jalapeno downwind and around the leeward mark.  Watch carefully and you’ll see Aaron take a spill at 4:05 and keep on driving!  You’ll also get a sense for how shifty it was as you watch Sinistra autotack their way up the windward leg.

Fall Series #1

  • Highlights at http://youtu.be/r4qAhWESY4w  The GoPro was on board Jalapeno and although we had light breeze and only enough battery for part of one race, you’ll still see some good footage of Mark, Greg, and Rolf (along with a nice selection of music from a new little Scottish band that I discovered last time I was over that way!).

Dixie District Championship Regatta, Day 1 (9 June); GoPro on Brown Eyed Girl

We’ve got some great footage from Race 1 here (http://youtu.be/1MGNKEPUuqs) from Steve Constants and his brothers Mike and Dave on board Brown Eyed Girl.  The video starts up just before the 1-minute warning signal.  You’ll see an exciting start and some good action up to the first windward mark.  This race was our “R3” (rectangular) course, so there are lots of great boathandling moments and some tight reaches right along the airport shore (watch for the planes taking off and landing!).  At the end, team Brown Eyed Girl also show us a thing or two about three-sail reaching on a Lightning on their way to a bullet in race 1!  Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties we only have footage from this one race, but it is well worth a look!

PRSA Spring Regatta, Day 2 (27 May); GoPro on Sinistra

  • Race 1 Highlights: link coming soon.
  • Race 2 Highlights: link coming soon.

PRSA Spring Regatta, Day 1 (26 May); GoPro on String Theory

  • Race 1 Highlights: http://youtu.be/sI_PKoL2csk  Here you’ll see some good action of the starting line as team String Theory works their way through the fleet.  Chris, Tom, & Jess also seemed to have a number of close calls with the Bucs in this race!
  • Race 2 Highlights: http://youtu.be/C3PU_bnvXDU  Here you’ll see a bit of Chris doing what he loves to do–engaging boats at the starting line!  He pushes Mark and team Jalapeno over and there’s even a bit of contact.  Hey, they say rubbin’ is racing!

PRSA Spring Series #7 (20 May); GoPro on Shadowfax

  • Race 1 Highlights: http://youtu.be/Z2QmL_1VwDA  Among other things, you’ll see some good upwind action off of the starting line as well as a great upwind duel between Sinistra and Shadowfax that begins at the 5:00 mark.
  • Race 2 Highlights: http://youtu.be/BlZbqN6fib4  Here you’ll see Nabeel duel with team Ariel and team Sinistra upwind and then go through some nice downwind maneuvers.

PRSA Spring Series #6 (13 May): GoPro on Sinistra

  • Race 1 Highlights: http://youtu.be/Xgffrnx4NGM  Nabeel and new PRSA crew Jess joined Aaron on Sinistra for the day.  This video gets some great starting line action and captures some good downwind action as Jess makes her debut at foredeck on a Lightning.
  • Race 2 Highlights: http://youtu.be/WBNHbje1wtI  Here you’ll see some good starting line action and some good downwind competition between Sinistra, Ariel, and Bob Astrove.


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