Lightning Fleet 50 Tune-Up Day: Saturday March 31st 9:00-12:00pm


Greetings Sailors!

The Spring Season starts one week from this Sunday…To help get everyone ready for the new season, Fleet 50 will be hosting a Lightning Tune-Up Day this Saturday.

Come down to the marina on Saturday to get your boat cleaned up, tuned up & ready for racing (the marina office confirmed the water will be turned on!)…

Several of our local experts have offered to be at the marina and help get masts stepped & be available to help with any tuning questions. Special thanks to Aaron, Bobby, Frank & Nabeel, who have offered to assist our fleet members between 10-11am.
What you need to do:

1> RSVP to this email, so we can plan on how many boats are interested in participating.

2> Please arrive early and be prepared!
> Bring your boat to the area by the Cranes, toward the left side, so we can all gather in one area.
> Have the boat uncovered and be ready to step the mast, as there should be several folks at the marina to help each other step masts
> Make sure to bring all of the supplies you need to work on your boat.

3> I would strongly encourage everybody to print out the North Tuning Guide. (Both the Fisher and the M5 systems are covered in that tuning guide)
and it’d be good for folks to be familiar with the basic steps so that we can provide the best advice in the time that we will have.
If you have any questions, please let me know, I will be at the marina by 8:30 AM on Saturday!

Fleet Captain, Lightning Fleet 50

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