June 8th-9th, Dixie Districts, Hampton, VA

From Joe Buczkowski…Great weekend for the Dixie Districts.

Well despite the forecast Mother Nature had for the weekend we got in 6 fun but challenging races for the District championships. 13 Teams made the trek to Hampton VA – most in the pouring rain…

2019-0608 Wind Graph

Saturday racing started with strong easterly wind pushing close to 20 with some higher gusts.
After two races and an attempt for a third the RC abandoned race 3 and sent in the fleet. We enjoyed good fun over dinner and even celebrated Bill Cabrall’s birthday with
cake a round of “Happy Birthday!”

Side Note from LM: After race two, I decided that even with the amazing crew of Aaron & Jim, I was not going to be able to sail for another hour plus with the strength I needed. We decided to retire and radioed to RC that we were going in, as I passed Joe’s boat with my son Ed, he made sure to give me a hard time about going in and why can’t we stay out and finish the last race…As we were turning into the calm of the marina we saw the fleet close behind. As the other boats came ashore we found out that as race 3 was abandoned. The determining factor…after the start of race 3, instead of beating up the course, Joe’s boat was suddenly falling off fast. Like any good forward, Ed started yelling back “Hey Joe, you’re off the wind…” and when no one answered, he turned around and saw Joe and most of the main sheet were no longer on the boat. With excellent reaction skills Joe’s son Zach and Ed were able to get the boat under control, without a main sheet, and turned into the wind so it wouldn’t capsize. RC picked up Joe and was able to tow “Irie” and crew safely back to shore. At which point my son quickly pointed out how smart we were to come in when we did…LOL

2019-0609 Wind Graph

Sunday was a pleasant surprise as the forecast was for storms and high winds but we got a great easterly breeze in sun in the 12-15 range and got 4 awesome races in.

We finished just in time as the wind did gust up as we finished the last race and headed in.

Congrats to Steve, Chloe and Dave Constants for winning the championship! Jim Allman, Trevor Prior, Joan Hurban and Joe Buczkowski rounded out the top 5. Zach
Buczkowski was the top placing junior and Jose Darrah was named youngest sailor (although in a crib she let Mom and Dad sail. Just as important!)

At the start the forecast was bleak to get in one race let alone the 6 we ended up with!

Congrats to Steve Constants and team in showing us how it’s done! Thanks to Zack and Ed for working hard in challenging conditions and getting us to 5th overall.

2019-0608 Dixie_District_Championship_Results

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