High Seas Adventure on the Bayliner!

Many of you have probably seen Bobby Astrove’s account of the high seas drama that unfolded aboard the Bayliner after Spring Series #2.  A “3 hour tour” nearly turned into an SS Minnow (or an RMS Titanic) moment…and on the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking, no less.  Keep reading for Bobby’s account of the near demise of the Bayliner and the quick work from him and his RC crew that saved the Bayliner to float another day…we hope!

From Bobby Astrove’s posting to the Fleet 50 listserv:

Special thanks to Maryann, Becky, Barbara, Joe, Brian, and Bill. As you know we were in trouble with staffing the  Race Committee earlier in the week. These folks all volunteered and did a great job.

Bill Buck – could not have done it without him. Bill eyeballed in the start and finish lines, from the skiff, with no help from the committee boat and we never had to reset them all day. Show’s what a couple of years of experience is good for.

But the real excitement was after 4 beautiful races in a perfect 10 to 15 out of the south. We go to restart the Bayliner, and observe we are sinking…. Some quick work, Barbara, Maryann and myself with some bailing scoops, while Bill and Brian started towing us with the 19ft. skiff.

We finally got over a foot of water out of the bilge and several inches remaining. Then many tries, and somewhat to my surprise as I thought we might have submerged the bottom of the motor, it fired. I’m sure many of you saw us pull the Bayliner out of the water at the end of the day… And I want to thank Jim & Ben for their help on that exercise.

And most of all I need to thank Craig Huzway for thinking we just might have trouble, and thinking he just might want to come down to the marina this afternoon. Craig was all over the problem and directing what needed to be done. Thank you Craig!  And thank you to everyone else who helped.


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