Frigid Digit Wrap-Up

The first day of racing was blown out, with steady breezes in the 20s and some gusts approaching 30; thankfully, conditions were much better for racing on Sunday.  A total of seven Fleet 50 boats (skippered by Ron Buchanan, Nabeel Alsalam, Erik Hakanson, Patrick McNight, Chris Kozel, Mark Ewing, and Red Fehrle) sailed in the regatta, which had a total of 45 boats registered.  Ron finished 20th, Nabeel 22nd, Eric 23rd, Patrick 29th, Chris 33rd, Mark 36th, and Red 38th.  Congrats to all of you for braving the conditions and helping SSA/Fleet 329 celebrate the 60th Anniversary of this great regatta!  Full scores can be found here, and you can read about the on-the-water action by clicking “Continue Reading” below.  If you were there, be sure to post a comment or two (at least to tell us the names of your crew!) and your observations from the day.

Here’s what Eric Hakanson had to say about the racing on Sunday: “a great day of racing with a solid 15 kt. SW breeze that had a few lulls and gusts in it.  Despite the great conditions, though, the RC was only able to get three races off as about 5 general recalls really put a damper on the amount of racing.  Team Ferris Bueller had some ups and downs today… unfortunately, fantastic crew work and tactics couldn’t outweigh some unfortunate mistakes by the driver (including a few penalty turns and even some *ahh* damage… nothing big, but requiring fiberglass).”  It turns out Eric turned up too fast after rounding a leeward mark (the jammed spin halyard was probably some distraction) and punched his starboard-side bow into the port transom corner of a boat ahead.  Nothing a little duct tape can’t fix for the time being, though some fiberglass work is in Eric’s future.

Nabeel sent in the following report: “I never quite figured out the wind shifts and strength, but it was fun trying.  I feel that in big fleets it is harder to see the forest through the trees and I end up thinking I’m doing OK and then seeing a whole bunch of boats come in from the other side way ahead.”

I can definitely sympathize with the difficulty of sailing in large fleets and the frustration of doing well and then seeing a whole pack come in from what you were certain was the “wrong” way to go!  At any rate, it was great to see such good support from Fleet 50 for this regatta.

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