Frigid Digit Lives Up To Its Name!

Wow!  True to form and tradition, it blew at the Frigid Digit and it was brisk, if not exactly chilly.  We saw winds in the high teens and 20s on Saturday, with 10 boats going over in a particularly nasty blast in the last race.  There were plenty of other capsizes, round-ups, and near wipe-outs throughout the rest of the day a well.  Fleet 50 was well represented with 4 boats in the regatta (Chris, Bob G., Nabeel, Rick), and we were all honored to receive “swim club awards” (along with about 10 other teams) for our capsizes!  The wind piped up even more on day 2 and racing was abandoned for day 2, which was probably a good thing given the chilly temps and gusts in the 20s.

John Butler took some photos from Red Rover (thanks John!) and we also got a great group shot at the Saturday night party.  It was windy, but we all survived and it was fantastic to see such great Fleet 50 participation in the regatta.

Fleet 50 2014 Frigid Digit


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