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Sailboat racing is enabled by multiple organizations. Joining and supporting these organizations is the right thing to do to help this great activity of ours flourish.  Here is our order of priority for joining these organizations. The first three are musts.

Lightning Fleet 50
That’s us. We only ask skippers for $20. This pays for awards at our annual dinner and party and helps us cover our annual operating expenses. Fleet 50 dues are paid on a calendar year basis.  To join Fleet 50 as a skipper use this form: Lightning Fleet 50 Membership Form (2020)

Potomac River Sailing Association
To participate in the PRSA Spring or Fall Series you must be a member. To sail in any regattas you need a club affiliation yourself. PRSA gives you that. But PRSA directly helps Fleet 50 in many other ways. For example, we use PRSA power boats for the Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup, for Lightning Labs, and for other activities.  PRSA insurance also covers us for these events.  PRSA dues go towards buying and maintaining the powerboats that serve as RC boats; they pay the slip fees at WSM for these boats; they pay for liability insurance to cover people who are serving on the RC boat; they pay for RC equipment including marks, flags, and radios; they pay for gas for the boats, and for all of the other things that make it possible for us to race in 50+ races each year.

The dues are $100 for a full skipper membership and $30 for an associate membership.  First time new skippers pay a prorated amount based on when in the year that they join.  PRSA dues must be paid by January 15 each year or a $25 late fee will be assessed (the PRSA membership year runs from 1 December through 30 November each year). Its the best deal in the whole area by far!  Join PRSA or renew your annual membership using this form.

International Lighting Class Association
This organization has a lot to do with the Lightning being one of the most popular one-design classes out there. They put out a monthly newsletter and an annual yearbook. They set the rules that allows our boats to stay modern but relatively inexpensive. They help us buy and sell used boats. In short, they maintain the value of our boats.

Your membership directly supports the daily communication between 150 fleets and nearly 1,800 members spread out over 10 different countries. This includes developing and maintaining the class web site and publishing the annual yearbook, Flashes newsletter and our electronic information updates, Flash Blasts! Please make sure we have your current e-mail and postal addresses.

The dues are $55 per year for boat owners.  Associate Membership costs $30 per year and Crew Membership costs $10 per year.  To sail in the Dixie District Championship the skipper and crew must be ILCA members.  Memberships in ILCA are on a calendar year basis. If you join after July, your membership is good through the end of the subsequent calendar year.  Joining ILCA is simply the right thing to do, so please click here to join or renew online.

US Sailing
US Sailing does a lot to promote sailboat racing as a sport.  You benefit from their efforts each time you sail a regatta (or read the rule book).  Membership includes discounts on entry fees to many regattas and discount coupons. New members get a copy of the rulebook and renewing members get new editions when they are published. Click here to join US Sailing online.

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  4. I’m trying to determine whatever happened to Lightning 11272. It started its career in Rhode Island in about 1969. By 1991 it was at Camp Duffy in New York, and then in the 2004 yearbook it was listed as owned by Charles Bowman in the Dixie District. That’s the last mention I could find. Does anyone know whatever happened to this boat? It was a medium blue hull with light blue deck made by Newport Boats in Virginia.

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