Fleet Championship Preliminary Scores As Of 06/12/13

This Spring see’s some new names at the top of the standings. Bobby and Team Pandora lead the pack with a 1.9 average. Way to go you guys. In second place with a 3.6 average is Chris Kozel and Team String Theory. Third place belongs so far to Lindsey Bach and Team Lightnin’ Bug – 4.3 average. Fourth place is in the hands of Brian Ganjei/Will Philippe – 4.5 average. Rounding out the top five is Frank Gallagher and Team Resistance, who have been charging of late, with a 4.7. Congratulations to the current leaders, now you need to start looking over your shoulders ’cause the rest of us are gunning for you, and remember come fall Team Ariel will be back in action looking for blood.

Fleet Championship Preliminary Scores As Of 06/12/13

These scores are provisional. They do not include proper redress for race committee work as that cannot be calculated until the season is over. Also, please note that these are for the Championship Series, not the Spring Series. The Spring Series does not included the races from the Doc Gilbert, or the Spring Regatta which are both included here.

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