Fleet Championship Standings As Of 10/16/2011

Things are tightening up a bit in the top 3. Team Resistance, although on RC this week gained a little on Team Shadowfax who were away at the Frigid digit. Team Sinistra still leads the pack and is looking good. I am sure Shadowfax will be back this week and will give them a run for the money. Team Ariel, sailing without yours truly (Who was on Kid duty this weekend while Denise was gallivanting around Cannes supposedly on business. Aah the joys of married life!) cemented their hold on fourth. Team Pandora had better start showing up or they will find themselves on the outside looking in as Team Ferris Beuller and Team String Theory duke it out for that fifth spot. Honorable mention goes to the so called College Boys who had a great day on Sunday and pulled themselves to within striking distance. Here are the standings:

Fleet Standings As Of 10/16/2011

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