Fleet Championship Standings As Of 10/03/2011

Not much has changed here since last week. Team Shadowfax, out for the first time this fall, had a good day Sunday which tightened things up a bit for the top spot currently held by Team Sinistra. Team Resistance also inched forward, but seems a long shot to overtake the top two. Team Ariel tightened their grip on 4th place, but Team Pandora is still within striking distance if they would just show up. Team Pandora, in turn, are under pressure from Team Hak who are making a move from sixth place. Team String Theory fell back a bit after not showing up on Sunday. Not racing really costs you. You have to play to take home that hardware! Here are the standings:

Fleet Standings As Of 10/03/2011

Remember, no racing this Sunday due to the Albacore Nationals. We come back in two weeks on 10/16/2011. See you there!

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