Fleet Championship Scores as of 05/09/13

We are about half way through the Spring Series, so I thought everyone would like a peek at the standings as they sit right now. Some new names in the top five so far: Bobby Astrove and Team Pandora are leading the pack with a 1.8 average. Nabeel and Team Shadowfax are in 2nd with a 3.5. Chris Kozel and team String Theory are 3rd with a 4.5 – and they managed that with a hole in their boat! 4th are the so called College Boys; Brian Ganjei and Will Phillipe with a 4.6 (Chris had better watch out!). Rounding out the top 5 is Lindsey Bach and Team Lightnin’ Bug with a 5.1 average score. See the rest of the standings here:

2013 Fleet Championship Preliminary Standings 050913

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