Fleet Championship Preliminary Scores

With only two weeks of racing left before we put the 2013 series to bed, I thought it was time for an update on where we all stand. Remember that these scores are preliminary. There may be corrections and I have yet to adjust for proper RC redress. Having said that, here we go: Bobby and Team Pandora are still leading the pack as they have all season with a 2.4 average score. Frank and Team Resistance, however, are breathing down their neck with a 2.8. Lindsey and Team Lightnin’ Bug are hanging on to third with a 5.0 average score. But, they need to watch out for Chris and Team String Theory who are right on their heels with a 5.1. Nabeel and team Shadowfax round out the top five with a 5.6 average score. Here are the complete scores:

2013 Fleet 50 Championship Series Preliminary Scores 10-30-13

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