Fleet 50 Championship Scores and Fleet Awards

It was great to see such a nice turnout at the Fleet 50 Annual General Meeting and Awards Potluck this past weekend.  Here is the rundown on award winners and on the final standings for the 2014 Fleet Championship Series.  We’re just a few weeks away from the 2015 sailing season, so take a look at the recap from 2014 and get your motivation on for sailing in 2015!

Fleet 50 Awards

  • Best New Crew: Todd Blekicki (sailing with Lindsay Bach)
  • Most Improved Crew: the entire As You Wish team (Lisa-Marie’s boat and crew)
  • High Impact Crew: Will Phillippe
  • Team Spirit Skipper: Bob Gotthardt
  • Most Congenial Sailor: Aaron Boesenecker
  • Skipper of the Year & Fleet Helper: Nabeel Alsalam
  • Most Improved Skipper: John VanVoorhis (based on average scores 2013 vs. 2014)
    • John VanVoorhis (from 17.1 to 9.6; 7.5 difference and +6 spots)
    • Will Phillippe (from 11.3 to 4.1; 7.2 difference and +6 spots)
    • Red Fehrle (from 16.3 to 11.1; 5.2 difference and +2 spots)
    • Bob Gotthardt (from 9.7 to 4.7; 5 difference and +4 spots)
  • Bloody Rudder Award: Nabeel Alsalam
  • Iron Skipper Award: Nabeel Alsalam

And, the information you’ve all been waiting for: the top finishers in the Fleet 50 Championship Series!

  1. Rick Welch
  2. Frank Gallagher
  3. Will Phillippe
  4. Bob Gotthardt
  5. Lindsay Bach

2014 Fleet 50 Championship Series Scores

Finally, here are a few photos of our fun evening!

Fleet 50 Award WinnersSome of our Fleet 50 Award Winners!

Jim Lane: 2014 All Weather SailorJim Lane: 2014 All Weather Sailor


Joe Warren & Aaron BoeseneckerHonoring Joe Warren — Fleet Member since 1975!



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