Fall Series #6: Great Weather, Great Turnout

We had a fantastic turnout, with 10 boats were on the line for some great racing last Sunday!  In addition to many of the regulars (Rick w/ Aaron & Lisbet, Jeff w/ Rose & Chandler, Frank w/ Mladin & Bob, Chris w/ Liz & Nicole, Joe w/ Rene & Chris W., Red w/ Sue and David) we were also thrilled to see some of our newer fleet members as well as a few familiar faces who hadn’t yet made an appearance this fall.  John Butler was out for the first time this fall, sailing with Diane Butler and Anne Tyree.  Peter Lallas was out sailing; Lindsay Bach sailed with Ross Campbell and Pat Dudley, and John Kircher was sailing with Ed and Chandler.  We ended up having 3 races count for the Lightning fleet after the 4th was disallowed following a protest.  Overall, it was a fine day in moderate N/NW breeze.

Here is the link to Jeff’s racing summary and the scores for the week.  We’ve also got some video coming soon, so stay tuned!

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