Fall Series #6: Back On The River!

Lisa-Marie sent in a great writeup of the action from her perspective sailing with Bob Gotthardt on Anger Management.  Give it a read, and then post your own comments and observations if you were out on the river.  Thanks Lisa-Marie!

The morning started out with a challenging drive to the marina.  I had not listened to the news and completely forgot about the Army 10 Mile race in the city.  As we drove past exit 75 to DCI which was blocked, we went across the 14th Street Bridge to DC.  Again everything was blocked…Did a quick turn, headed back to VA on GW Parkway North and navigated our way to the marina.  I was able to warn Frank in time to take an earlier exit!

My son Ed came with me looking to fill an empty slot, unfortunately for him everyone had crew.  He brought along our El Toro to sail in as back up.  I would like to say thanks to everyone who jumped in after the skippers meeting to help us pull the El Toro off the roof of the F150 and get her rigged in “Lightning” speed.  This is another example of how great the members of Fleet 50 are!!!

It was blowing pretty hard before 1st race.  On the way out, we were actually talking about the possibility of not flying the kite if the winds get stronger…Turned out by the time the first race got started the winds had calmed a bit.  Bob’s nice boat handling kept us at the front of the pack.  We had some spinnaker challenges rounding the first mark and I learned that it is hard to pull up a spinnaker that is under the boat!

I crewed for Bob G. (along with Tree).  There were 6 boats (Jeff, Bob G., Bobby, Frank, Lindsay & John Kircher) who started.  Jeff (Ariel) headed back sometime in/after the 1st race.  We didn’t our after party BBQ, but hopefully we will be able to hang out after the races on this coming Sunday!

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