Fall Series #2

It was a great day for sailing this past Sunday!  We had 6 Lightnings on the water enjoying the breeze and the sometimes tricky puffs:

  • 15195: Pat McGee (good to see you Pat!) and Laura Lake
  • 14627: Bob Gotthardt, Guy Barkwell, and Ryan Hutter
  • 15117: John Van Voorhis, Rachel Davies-Van Voorhis, David Ketto
  • 14126: Lisa-Marie Lane, Jim Lane, Bianca Russo
  • 14396: Chris Kozel, Liz Williams, Tom Hutton
  • 14221: Lindsay Bach, Todd Blikecki, Anouk

Barney Harris took some great photos from the mark boat–check them out here!  I wasn’t out on the water, so I’d appreciate any comments on the racing that folks might have.

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