Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup 2012

On Saturday, we had one “practice start” as the wind made a big left shift and the RC abandoned the race soon after the start.  The RC reset marks and we were off again.  The wind was NE and the current was ebbing but by the end of the race it was almost slack.  Attempts to get a second race off were thwarted with thunderstorms.

On Sunday, the RC got us off in a light breeze and strong ebbing current.  Then the breeze got even lighter and some racers were caught out in the current and could not get across the line within the time limits.  The second race was also started in a very light breeze and even though it was 3 short legs only 6 racers managed to get across the line before the wind completely shut down.

Regattas are fun regardless of the frustrations created by the weather.   The Saturday night dinner was great.  A bunch of racers camped overnight — thee Ewing family tent could be an airplane hanger. I heard breakfast was very British.  The hot dogs on Sunday hit the spot.

Results: 2012 Potomac Cup

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