Purnell Cup: Rules

Rules Governing the District Series Trophy

1) This perpetual trophy has been proposed to help generate competition at different regattas throughout the District.  It will serve as a means to encourage Dixie District sailors to travel to the “non major regattas.”

2) Only members of the Dixie District who are in good standing with both the Dixie District and the ILCA as of the date of the District Championships will be eligible to qualify for the Trophy.*

3) The right title and interest in this Trophy shall be in the name of the Executive Committee who may impose conditions necessary to safeguard its use.  It will be returned to the Executive Committee by December 15th by the winner of the previous year.  The Trophy shall be awarded yearly at the Annual Meeting.

4) No club will have more than one regatta count toward the District Series Trophy, except the club hosting the Dixie District Championships, which can have that one plus one additional one.  The exact number of regattas and which regattas to be included will be set by the Dixie District Executive Committee no later than April 15th of any given year.  If this is not done by that date then the schedule from the previous year will be in effect.  This schedule will be known as the District Series schedule.

a.  This schedule will include no less than five (5) regattas and no more than ten (10).

5) The scoring for the Trophy will be as follows.

a. A skipper will receive five (5) points for each of the regattas included in the District Series schedule that he attends, regardless of position.

b. In addition each skipper will be awarded one point for each yacht * that he finishes ahead of in the final standing of the above regattas.

* For 2008 and beyond, only yachts skippered by members of Dixie District fleets are counted.

c. To allow skippers to miss some regattas and still be able to win the Trophy the following provisions have been set on part 5b) above.

1.  All skippers will throw out 3 of 10 or 9 regattas (10 or 9 refer to the number of non-abandoned or non cancelled regattas included in the District Series schedule); 2 of 8, 7, or 6; 1 of 5; and no throw outs with 4 or less regattas.

2.  The regattas that skippers will throw out are the ones that they received the least number of points for, including regattas not sailed (for which no points are received).

3. When throwing out the lower scoring regattas as in part 1. of 5c. one does not drop the original five (5) points that were awarded through part 5a.

4. If for any reason a regatta (included in the District Series schedule), is abandoned or cancelled any boats that were officially registered for that regatta will receive the initial five (5) points.

d.  When the above computations are complete the skipper with the greatest number of points will be the winner.  If a tie exists the skipper attending the most regattas in the District Series schedule will win.  If a tie still exists then the tying skippers will share the Trophy.

e.   See the 2008 scoring spreadsheet for an illustration of the application of these rules.

6) The Trophy shall be a perpetual trophy, however, a nominal keeper trophy shall also be award to the winning skipper or in case of a tie the winning skippers.

Last updated 7 April 2013


*Rule 2a), which was added 3/6/2009 per agreement at the 12/12/2008 Fleet Captain’s meeting, was subsequently deleted on 7/4/2013 as per agreement at the 3/2/2013 Fleet Captain’s Meeting.

2a) To qualify for the Purnell Cup, the skipper must sail in at least 7 of 10 regattas, 6 of 9, 6 of 8, 5 of 7, 4 of 6, 4 of 5, and all the regattas if there are 4 or fewer.  The number of regattas refers to the number of non-abandoned or non cancelled regattas included in the District Purnell Series as posted on the Dixie District webpage before April 15 of each year.   In the event that a new schedule is not posted before April 15 of a year, the regattas in the current year that correspond to the regattas in the previous year’s series will comprise the current year’s series.  If no competitor meets the minimum qualification, then required number of events will be dropped by one until at least one competitor qualifies.

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