Fleet 50 website changes


Starting in early October, the LightningFleet50.org website will be located in a new place under the potomacriversailing.org website.

You will be able to get to the website

  1. In the usual way by going to LightningFleet50.org
  2. By going to potomacriversailing.org, clicking fleets at the top, and choosing Lightnings.

The primary motivation for this change is to avoid having to duplicate posts on both the potomacriversailing.org and lightningfleet50.org websites and to have one more dynamic website that, we hope, will attract more new sailors to both PRSA and its fleets and encourage repeat visits from current members.

The Lightning website will have news, reports, and other information specific to Lightnings. General information of interest to all PRSA’ers will be available on the main potomacriversailing.org homepage.

Email Tom Hutton (PRSA Commodore at PRSACommodore@gmail.com), Jeff Witten (LightningFleet50@gmail.com) or me (Nabeel webguy at nabeel.alsalam@gmail.com) if you have comments or suggestions.

2021 Spring Regatta

It was a rainy, cool, and windy weekend.   John Van Voorhis braved race 1 of 3 on Saturday – the tougher day by far.   Then he and Aaron Boesenecker did the 5 races on Sunday.   Aaron took 5 bullets that day and won the regatta.

Sailflow and Reagan National Airport report of the winds.  Results below.

Winds-29May2021-sailflow Winds-29May2021

Spring Regatta Results

We have now had 35 races in the championship series. Here are the cumulative results:


Jeff Witten, Bobby Astrove, and I did race committee for the regatta along with help from the I-20 fleet.

April Update

April 25, 2020

Happy Saturday Everyone,

I just finished participating with ILCA Annual Meeting that was very informative.  I have tried to take notes, and may not have captured all details, please see the ILCA meeting agenda for meeting notes 😉  Most importantly, we need everyone’s support by paying your dues.  If you have not paid your ILCA dues, please take care of this asap.  Especially since so many events have had to be cancelled, your support of the class is essential.

Even though we still can not be on the water, there is are a lot of great resources available to keep us all busy with videos, articles & information about sailing here are a few:

Upcoming Regattas


There will be an announcement on June 1 re: the WJM & NAs.

ILCA North American’s

If the NAs are held, the usual requirement of participation in the Districts – since most District events are being cancelled, there is talk of making an amendment to have the NA’s be an open event, with registration open to the first 100 boats.

ILCA Worlds

Everything is dependent on what happen on the North Americans, this will be the last piece to be decided. Please keep checking on the ILCA website for additional details on the status of all sanctioned events.  The World’s will not be an open regatta, so if we can not have the area championships/qualification regattas the World’s will be cancelled until next year.

Information & Resources

Lightning Zoom Meeting on 05/01, 5PM (EST)  (Invite to follow)

There will be a flash blast with information about the next Zoom Meeting that will happen on May 1, I will be sending the zoom invite out early next week.

Virtual Regatta (free platform)


Information & Videos

In case you were not aware, there is one place on the ILCA website that has Racing Articles, Dave Perry Tips, Racing Rules & Tactics as well as a YouTube Video Link (at the bottom right).

US Sailing has been doing daily Webinars

Facebook Live Events



and much more! View all videos on the ILCA YouTube Channel

Fleet 50 & PRSA

Fleet 50 Tuning Day

Since we will not be able to have a fleet tuning day, please check out the resources and find some time to get to the marina to get your boat tuned up so we will all be ready once the restrictions have been lifted.  As always, we have a wealth of resources with our members who would be happy to answer any tuning questions you may have, if you are not sure who to ask, please send me an email, text or call and I will help make a connection.

Upcoming Events

I have been working Joan Hurban, SSA Fleet 329 about organizing a Zoom Meeting with Dave Dellenbaugh of Speed & Smarts.  This would be an fee base event (tentatively this is expected to be around $15/person-TBD) for a 60 min presentation.  If this is something you are interested in/would like additional information, please let me know so I can give Joan an estimate of interest from our fleet. As more information is available I will let you know.

If you are not familiar with Speed & Smarts, this is a great newsletter, not Lightning specific, and you should check it out.

David Dellenbaugh



Take care & stay healthy, we will be back on the water soon!

-Lisa-Marie Lane

15126   As You Wish…

Fleet Captain, Lightning Fleet 50




Meeting Agenda & Reports Overall State of the Fleet (Commodore)

Lightning Fleet 50 (Alexandria, VA)

2020 AGM & Awards Banquet
8 February 2020, 2:00-5:00 PM

For everyone who attended the meeting last Sunday…Thank You! It was wonderful having the opportunity to see everyone again last weekend and have the opportunity to share what has been happening in the Lightning Fleet from the National, District & Fleet levels. It was a good turnout, with 10 skippers, crew & family “making the drive to the country” for our meeting. Due to the great participation, we were able to discuss & adopt some very good changes for the fleet. We even had the opportunity to celebrate some milestone birthdays!

Fleet Overview

Established in 1943, Fleet 50 is proud to carry on the tradition of the Lightning as the longest enduring, most competitive and fun one-design racing class in the Washington DC metro area. We currently have about 21 active and semi-active boats. Our competitive racing schedule runs from early April through the first weekend of November each year.

Overall, we had great participation in 2019. Of the 21 boats on the roster, we would usually have between 5-10 boats out racing on any given day. Locally, Lightning Fleet 50 had a great racing season, with a total of 66 races completed as part of the scored racing season. This included an 8-week Sunday Spring Series (31 Races) and an 8-week Fall Series (17 Races) as well as two 2-day weekend regattas, (the PRSA Memorial Day Spring Regatta (7 Races), the PRSA President’s Cup (7 Races) in September) and our Fleet 50 Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup/2019 Dixie Districts Regatta in early May (4 Races).

For our annual 2019 Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup Regatta, we moved back to our tradition Mother’s Day Weekend as we hosted a 21 boat Regatta. We had an outstanding turnout with 9 Fleet 50 boats of the 21 boats registered.

Fleet 50 is still the strongest fleet in the Dixie District in terms of membership & races sailed. But, our Membership is not doing as well as it has been in the past, which is being experienced everywhere in the sport of sailing… We did have 9 boats travel to at least 1 away regatta in 2019, which is wonderful. If you haven’t travelled to an away regatta please add one to your calendar this year. Even if you can’t bring your own boat, offer to crew for another skipper to experience sailing with our District fleets!

Fleet 50 has 21 boats listed, but for the 2019 Racing Season…There are only 16 active Fleet Members (that sailed in at least one race) but more importantly only 6 boats qualified for the for the 2019 Championship Series.

Unfortunately, we lost 2 great skippers last year, Geoff Bishop (14187) and Geof Fuller (14395). Both boats are still local and we have reached out to the new owners, but no real interest yet! Hopefully we generate interest and invite new Lightning owners to attend one of our after racing BBQ gatherings. We will also be losing Team Humuhumu as the USCG has given them orders to relocate to Humbolt Bay, CA this summer. This is definitely bittersweet…good new for a great job opportunity, but I can speak for all when I say Mike, Angie & Josie will be greatly missed both on & off the water!

Treasurers Report

2019 Beginning Balance   $3,957.80 (Transferred from old account into new Fleet 50 Acct)
2019 Ending Balance       $4,918.50

*This does not include all expenses that were not submitted from the 2019 Doc Gilbert and nothing was purchased for RC PRO & Helpers (3 People) for Extra RC Boat fees.

Though there is a healthy balance on the books, I intend to keep the annual awards budget in-line with membership dues to ensure longevity of the club. Additional expenses this year will include placing a new order for Fleet 50 plaques for those members who have not received one to date.
Voted & Approved New Scoring Rules Will Be Adopted Before the Start of the 2020 Racing Season

Proposed, Voted & Approved to adopt new rules. After much discussion with Bob Astrove and a few folks at the District Level, this was brought to the AGM as the current scoring rules no longer work for our organization. They are incredibly complex and maybe 2-3 people are understand and are able to calculate the results at the end of the year.

Aaron Boesenecker offered to chair this committee, along with 2 additional volunteers to organize and prepare all new proposals with a deadline of March 8th, 2020. There will be an open comment period before the committee puts forth a list of proposed options to be voted on via email around the late March timeframe. A separate email will be sent to all skippers with additional details. If this is something you are interested in learning more about and you are not a skipper, please contact me directly.

 The 2020 Lighting Fleet 50 Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup (May 09-10, 2020)
Doc Gilbert Regatta at Leesylvania State Park & Entry Fee will be raised to $150.00 this year. The Virginia State Parks are hurting due to decrease budgeting and Leesylvania State Park has notified us of the increased our park entry fees from $13 per boat to $18 per boat. In addition, will now are obligated to pay the $18 fee for all RC boats. Also new this year, we must pay for all volunteer entry into the park, which we have never had to pay in the past. We have negotiated a special $10 rate for a weekend pass for volunteers and will also be available for purchase by visiting boats who have crew who drive separately.

Our goal is to have over 20 registered boats for our event in 2020!

Regatta Status

Nabeel once again volunteered to be our Regatta Chair for 2020.

Jim Dillard will continue work on beer/permits and the use of the Oyster boat.
PRO: Bruce Bingman (confirmed via email 10/06/19 to LML)
Lisa-Marie has already requested permission to PRSA for use of RC Boats

Park Cleanup Day: Possibly Sat 5/2/20, but will be announced once we have confirmed the date.

As always, we need lots of additional volunteers to help. Our job is to host and make sure others can sail! We need to make sure we get visitors, and put on a great regatta.

New Officers for 2020, Confirmed at the Meeting:

Fleet Captain:   Lisa-Marie Lane
Secretary:         Bob Astrove
Tresurer:           Jim Lane

Many thanks to the 2019 Officers who served (and continued service to) Fleet 50
Fleet Captain: Lisa-Marie Lane
Secretary: Bob Astrove
Treasurer: Christy Chen
Scorer: Will Summers –THANK YOU!!!
Potomac Cup Regatta Chair: Nabeel Alsalam

AMG Photos

Results & Awards
As we voted last year to reduce the leadership to 3 positions, Fleet Captain, Secretary & Treasurer and leave the number of awards to the board. We have decided to keep the award budget in line with the membership dues income.


6 Qualified for 2019 Fleet Series Scores Place Boat Name Skipper / Team
368 6 Resistance Is Futile Frank Gallagher
263 5 Lightning Bug Lindsay Bach
259 4 As You Wish… Lisa-Marie & Jim Lane
241 3 Beedobeat Aaron Boesenecker & Team
97 2 Humuhumu Mike Angie Darrah & Liz Williams
85 1 Shadowfax Nabeel Alsalam Tom Hutton & Jess Harrington


Perpetual Awards Days/ Events Recipient Notes
Iron Skipper 29 Lisa-Marie Lane Mike Darrah (28), Bob Astrove (23)
All Weather Crew 25 Angie Darrah Ed Lane (27), Liz Williams (22)
Bloody Rudder 7 Lisa-Marie Lane Bob Astrove (6), Mike Darrah (5)



Two Great Regattas Coming Up…What’s On Your Calendar?

Greeting Sailors,

It is hard to believe that we are already two weeks into the fall season. Please note: we have 2 regattas coming up at the end of September for back-to-back weekends. Attached is the registration information, please register if you are planning to attend.

Want to go but need a little help? Crew: If you would like to attend but are not sailing on a boat or Skippers: still looking crew for more information, please let me know and I will do whatever I can to help you get involved!

Frigid Digit, SSA Annapolis, September 28-29 (DEADLINE EXTENDED until Sept 23rd)
Message from Joe Friebele Regatta Chair: Dear Lightning Sailors, You’ve come to the Frigid Digit before, so you know what a great regatta it is with excellent fall sailing on the Chesapeake and a great party. To entertain and educate us, we will have drone footage playing before and during dinner so that we can re-live our moments on the water, both good and bad!

Due to scheduling conflicts at Severn Sailing Association, the date has moved up from the middle of October to the last weekend in September–only 2 weeks away! This is good news since we can avoid the extreme weather that we typically have on one day of the regatta, and we’re looking forward to 2 good days of racing.  I want to personally invite you to come to this year’s Frigid Digit. If there is anything that I or the members of Fleet 329 can do to help you come, please let me know. I’ve attached the NOR, and the registration link is Frigid Digit 2019 Registration. Also, please add your name to ILCA Who’s Coming Website.

PA Governor’s Cup, Susquehanna Yacht Club, October 5-6
2019 PA Gov Cup Registration

PRSA President’s Cup/Cantina Cup – Results Are Posted
The PRSA President’s Cup, PRSA, last weekend was a huge success with almost 50 boats attending!  Congratulations to Bob Astrove & Team Pandora who won both the DC Sail Cantina Cup on Saturday and President’s Cup (included races for both days).  Complete results are found: 2019 PRSA President’s Cup Results
1st Place 2019 Cantina Cup & President's Cup

1st Place 2019 Cantina Cup & President’s Cup