Big Breeze at the No Gas Regatta!

I was only able to make it up for day 2 of the No Gas Regatta, but as it turns out this was the best day to be there.  There was no sailing on day 1 due to a lack of wind.  Day 2 more than made up for that, with a breeze of 10-15 in the morning quickly building such that the RC saw sustained wind in the high teens and gusts in the 20s for the second race.  It was great to be on board Sinistra again with Rick and Lisbet.  We hiked hard upwind and worked hard on boat balance downwind to manage the puffs and waves.  A great planing ride on the last downwind leg of the day certainly made for some excitement!  It was great to be able to keep things close to Geoff and Steve to net us a 2nd overall as well.

The breeze continued to build after race 2 and after a bit of deliberation we all headed to shore.  At first it seemed like we could have run another race…but then the gusts really hit on the long upwind slog back to shore (with reports of sustained high 20s and gusts in the 30s).  Probably a good decision to call it after two exciting races.  I’m still sore today, but I’m sure glad I was there for the regatta–even if it felt more like the Frigid Digit than the No Gas!  Thanks to the folks in Fleet 329 at SSA for hosting another great No Gas Regatta!


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