Annapolis Summer Series, Jun 22, Jun 29-30th

Jun 22, 29-30th    Annapolis Summer Series, Severn Sailing

(2019-0630 SSA Lightning Summer Series Results)

From Bill Cabrall…As I get ready to write up the Fleet 329 Summer Series for the Flash Blast and SSA newsletter, I thought you all would like a hint at the plot line, which will feature, amongst other things, a repudiation of the idea that there is never any wind in Annapolis in the Summer.

The plot below is for Saturday, June 29.

2019-0609 Wind GraphWe were racing between 12 and 2:30 or so, with wind in the mid-high teens, and a lot of chop. You can see that the decision to suspend racing sufficiently before the thunderstorms hit was a sound one, as I doubt any of us wants to be out on the water when it is blowing 40+. Thank you Race Committee!


 On Sunday, the weather was even more interesting, as shown by the plot below:

2019-0629 Wind Graph


We were racing from 11 am until a little after 1 pm, in wind with a base ranging from 15-20 and puffs into the mid 20’s.

A couple of things stand out. First, although for some strange reason I wasn’t checking my watch when it happened, I think I can easily see the moment, just about noon, when Lisa-Marie’s boat went airborne and Joe’s mast surrendered to his steely eye’d resolve and determination to compete.  I can also see that the decision to stop at 2 races was a sound one, as the wind did clearly get above the Lightning Class upper racing limit of 26 mph for a significant part of the afternoon. So much for light and fluky!–Bill

P.S. As I could not make the first day of the summer series, I would appreciate any information anyone wishes to forward about that day of racing. Also, I would like to get the ‘official’ story of what happened to Joe’s mast, as all I actually saw was the look on Jessica’s face as she watched it happen from the bow of our boat. I did get a quick (and quite impressive) glance of Lisa-Marie’s boat broadside to the wind, mast horizontal, and her entire team rock climbing the cockpit in a desperately successful attempt to reach the weather rail, but that was all.

 Notes from Lisa-Marie…Had a great 3 days of sailing over the last 2 weekends at Severn Sailing Association with Angie Angela Boyer Darrah Aifd (thank you Michael Darrah) and Kyra Tallon and Jim Lane. We were hoping to get some heavy air and wave sailing practice in for the Women’s North Americans in Buffalo Canoe Club this August and we were not disappointed! As always the hospitality of our sister fleet at SSA is first class! Special thanks to Joan & Gary Hurban for loaner batten and Bill Cabrall for the tools and great suggestions for our small boat improvements!

2nd Place goes to Team As You Wish...

2nd Place goes to Team As You Wish…

Team As You Wish…had fun and learned a lot (well mostly the Skipper learned a lot…) this weekend 1) like there are better ways to see who made the offset mark other than dragging it with you for a few minutes and if the wind shifts going downwind under the Spinnaker and 2) you don’t change direction with the shift you can also see how clean your center board is! Or as Jim so elegantly phrased it: “Prefer to rule it an intentional effort to simply slow life down and contemplate the centerboard from the vantage point of starboard side!”

Most importantly we drank a lot of Dark & Stormy, no that was not it…I mean we sailed well as a team! The icing on the cake was we placed 2nd in the Summer Series, which was the 1st time we have won anything in Annapolis! Thank you again Angie, Kyra and most importantly my boyfriend and biggest supporter Jim Lane!!!!!

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