And the winner is…

Thanks to all who joined us for the Fleet 50 Annual General Meeting & Awards Potluck last evening.  I’m pleased to announce the winners of our skipper and crew awards as well as the 2016 Fleet 50 Board of Officers.  The Fleet 50 Championship Series results are posted to the “Results” area of the website.  Congratulations all around!

Fleet Championship

  1. Frank Gallagher
  2. Bob Gotthardt
  3. John Van Voorhis
  4. Will Phillippe
  5. Lindsay Bach

Crew Awards

  • Best New Crew: Karen Grefe Jones
  • Most Improved Crew: Chris Moore
  • High Impact Crew: Liz Williams

Skipper Awards

  • Team Sprit Skipper: Lisa-Marie Lane
  • Congeniality Award: John Van Voorhis
  • Skipper of the Year: Bob Gotthardt

Special Recognitions

  • Fleet Helper: Will Phillippe

Performance Awards

  • Bloody Rudder: Lisa-Marie Lane
  • All Weather Sailor: Laura Lake
  • Iron Skipper: Bob Gotthardt
  • Most Improved Skipper: John Van Voorhis

You can read the details about the awards, some of the supporting statements for the nominees, and more in the 2016 AGM & Awards Banquet Agenda & Reports document and in the 2016 AGM Meeting Notes.

2016 Board of Officers

  • Fleet Captain: Aaron Boesenecker
  • Lieutenant for Racing: Frank Gallagher
  • Treasurer: Bob Gotthardt
  • Secretary: Geof Fuller
  • Scorer: Will Summers
  • Webmaster: Lindsay Bach
  • Potomac Cup Regatta Chair: Lisa-Marie Lane

A special thank you to Will Phillippe for his service to Fleet 50 as secretary over the past few years and to Chris Kozel for his service as Lieutenant for Racing over the years.  Thank you, as well, to all those who volunteered to help organize Fleet 50 in 2016.  Let’s go sailing!

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