A Windy Weekend!

Fall Series #5 and the second day of the Frigid Digit both saw windy conditions, capsizes, and some very exciting racing!  Keep reading for more details from both regattas.

Four Fleet 50 boats (Rick, Mark, Nabeel, and Ron) sailed in the 61st Annual Frigid Digit regatta, along with about 30 other boats from the Dixie District and beyond (what a great turnout!).  Saturday started out promising, but the 10 knots of breeze we had sailing out to the course faded to nothing before the first warning signal.  After a bit of drifting around a southerly breeze did fill in and the RC did a nice job of getting us 2 races.

Arriving at SSA on Sunday morning, it was clear that conditions were going to be much different.  We had great breeze on the sail out and for the first race, and the breeze and swell continued to build over the day.  Although we struggled a bit to keep the boat moving upwind in the breeze, big swell, and mixed up chop that was layered in between and over top of the swell, the downwind rides certainly were fun — full chutes, great surfing on the waves, and the occasional puff that would pop you onto a plane (if you could find a flat spot and avoid running into the next wave ahead of you!).  Our finished on Team Sinistra weren’t the greatest (though we were thrilled to be 3rd to the windward mark on hte first leg of race 3!) but we sure did have a blast!  It was a wet, wild, windy, and tiring day, but well worth it.

One Lightning did go over, and the team struggled to right the boat.  It appears that they had forgotten to cleat the preventer, as the board had dropped down inside of the trunk as we sailed by.  We hailed, and they indicated that they were OK, so we kept racing.  It turns out that they weren’t able to get to the board and had other difficulties.  Alan Terhune dropped out of the racing and assisted in the righting/rescue of the boat — an great display of sportsmanship and safety that was recognized as part of the regatta awards ceremony as well.

I hear that things were similarly exciting on the river for Fall Series #5 — lots of wind, some capsizes, and some great RC work in a rescue situation.  You can find Jeff Storck’s summary of the racing and the scores here.

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