RESULTS from the 35th Annual Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup – May 11-12, 2019

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We had an amazing show of 21 boats for our 35th Annual Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup Regatta, with 9 Fleet 50 boats boats and 12 teams traveling from out of town (from Florida to Connecticut). For everyone who participated – Thank You for taking the time to make our Regatta part of your 2019 sailing schedule!

Congratulations to Steve Constants and his team on “Brown Eyed Girl”, who finished in 1st Place, John Bauman and team sailing “CHED!!!” who finished second and our own Nabeel Alsalam and team on “Shadowfax” for finishing in third.  Full results can be found on Regatta Network: 

The forecast indicated a cool cloudy day on Saturday with wind from 8-15, and then rain on Sunday. With that in mind, the well organized RC set up for 4 races on Saturday and 2 on Sunday, and we were off and running on time for a noon start.


Once again we had Captain Dave and his historic Oyster Boat for our main RC boat, along with our 17′ & 19′ PRSA boats staffed by our fellow PRSA volunteers from the I-20 and Albacore fleet.  This event truly “Takes A Village” to host!

Saturdays 4 races showcased the joys of regional racing with a good race committee, here ably led by Bruce Bingman, Taran Teague & Dan Trammel. Just after the first start, the wind went  40 degrees right and the RC was able to quickly abandon that race, bring us back, reset the course and restart us in little more time than a general recall would take. For the rest of the day they ably adjusted the course as the wind oscillated, and gave us clean beats and runs every time.

I would like to recognize Jim Dillard who helped organize our relationship with Leesylvania State Park and Yuengling Distributors which allow us to host our Regatta at the park, Bob Astrove who organized the breakfast & lunch station, Angie Darrah who organized the Appetizers, and Frank & Maryann Gallagher housing & making sure everything was ready to be served.  We were fortunate to have Lindsay Bach at the helm again this year, who has volunteered to cook for the last umpteen years & Nabeel Alsalam, (our Regatta Chair), who did a wonderful job grilling the steak, salmon and providing the delicious side dishes for the 65-70 sailors Saturday evening.

Unfortunately, Sunday morning the weather did not cooperate and continued to be cool and rained steadily . As most of the fleet congregated under the dry pavilion,  discussing the forecast that was going to continue all day.  RC announced that they would be keeping a close eye on the weather and mentioned a line of severe weather predicted to arrive shortly after the estimated finish of race #5. The fleet was polled, and a decision made to cancel racing for Sunday to allow folks to step masts and pack up their boats before any severe weather arrived.  

I would like to make a special Shout-Out to Joe Buczkowski who jumped in and was our Grill-Master for the Sunday hotdogs & grilled chicken lunch before everyone headed home.   

We could not have hosted this event without the various Fleet 50 Members who moved RC boats to and from the park (in Friday 95S traffic!), arrived early to set up, stay late to clean up were part of  “the Village” that  part it truly made this event possible.  Special thanks to Jim & Ed Lane, who by default were also on-duty and jumped in to do whatever was needed all weekend~ “Happy Mothers Day!”

Hope to see you next year!

Lisa-Marie Lane
#15126   As You Wish
Fleet Captain, Lightning Fleet 50


Photos by Carl Schaefer


Lightning Fleet 50 Members Clean-Up Leesylvania Park

Special thanks the 14.5 Fleet 50 members who took time out of their Saturday morning to spend a few hours cleaning up the shore line and pavilion areas of the park.   Our volunteer time giving back to the park enables our group to have the opportunity to host our Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup Regatta here each year.

Jim Dillard, Christy Chen, Nabeel Alsalam, Astrove, Lisa-Marie & Jim Lane, Tom Hutton, Bob Gotthardt, John Hart, Red Fehrle & Suz Humphrey, Mike & Josie Darrah, Geoff Fuller and Lindsay Bach (not pictured).

Jim Dillard, Christy Chen, Nabeel Alsalam, Astrove, Lisa-Marie & Jim Lane, Tom Hutton, Bob Gotthardt, John Hart, Red Fehrle & Suz Humphrey, Mike & Josie Darrah, Geoff Fuller and Lindsay Bach (not pictured).

We are all ready for our 35th Annual Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup Regatta next weekend.  If you haven’t signed up yet, please sign-up on Regatta Network: .   If you are looking for crew or you are available to crew, please get in touch with Frank Gallagher who is our Crew Connection.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone & having another great regatta!

-Lisa-Marie Lane
Fleet Captain, Lightning Fleet 50



35th Annual Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup, May 11-12th, Leesylvania State Park

Lightnings - 4 under spinnaker

Greetings Sailors and Happy Spring!

Our Lightning Dixie District sailing season started this weekend with the Moonshine Regatta and next on the calendar is the 35th Annual Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup, May 11-12th at Leesylvania State Park.

I wanted to invite you to our signature regatta in beautiful Leesylvania State Park and ask that you please pass this email along to your Lightning friends. We fortunate once again welcome back Bruce Bingham as our PRO and will be looking forward to hosting a great event for everyone. We realize that May brings a full calendar of events for your calendars, but we would like to make sure our regatta is part of your schedule!

Ways You Can Help:

1) Sign-Up! The more boats we have signed up, the greater the turnout! Please sign up on the “Who Coming” on the ILCA racing calendar:

2) Register. Please register Regatta Network (also listed on the ILCA Racing Calendar). Please click on the link to register. A strong showing of registered boats will encourage others who may not have attended recently to come sail with us again.

3) Spread the word…ask other fleet members if they are planning to attend or forward this email to other Lightning Sailors to get them involved. If you have any questions or need additional information or help with housing, please let me know.

4) Please volunteer at the Leesylvania State Park Clean up on Saturday, May 4th from 9:00-12:00pm.  This is how we give back to Leesylvania State Park for allowing us the opportunity to have the pavilion and camp on site for our event. We need volunteers to make this happen…Ask you friends and family if they would like to give a few hours of their time to help support a beautiful state park and our sailing club!please see the attached flyer for additional details.

Please flyer: 2019-0504 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

On behalf of Fleet 50, we are looking forward to hosting everyone once again and having a memorable event! We can’t wait to see you in Leesylvania on the 11th-12th.

-Lisa-Marie Lane, #15126 As You Wish…
Fleet Captain, Lightning Fleet 50


2019 AMG, Sat 02/22/19


Lightning Fleet 50 (Alexandria, VA)
2018 AGM & Awards Banquet (recapping the 2018 sailing season)
23 February 2019
Meeting Agenda & Reports
Overall State of the Fleet (Commodore)

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for Jim & Joyce Dillard for opening their home for our annual meeting!  It was a great evening, outstanding food & libations but most importantly wonderful camaraderie. Thank you to everyone who attended!  Who those of you who were not able to make it, we have a very good meeting & were able to cover a lot of important information about the Fleet.  Please take a moment to to ready the recap from our meeting below.

Established in 1943, Fleet 50 is proud to carry on the tradition of the Lightning as the longest enduring, most competitive and fun one-design racing class in the Washington DC metro area. We currently have about 21 active and semi-active boats. Our competitive racing schedule runs from early April through the first weekend of November each year.

Locally, Lightning Fleet 50 had a great racing season, with a total of 62 races completed as part of the scored racing season. This included an 8-week Sunday Spring Series and an 8-week Fall Series (43 races) as well as two 2-day weekend regattas, (the PRSA Memorial Day Spring Regatta (8), Memorials Day weekend, and the PRSA President’s Cup (9) in September) and our Fleet 50 Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup/2018 Dixie Districts Regatta in early May (2). In addition, PRSA also had hosts 2 non-scoring optional events, the Rookie Regatta in the spring and a distance race in the fall. Both events are opportunities to introduce new people to sailing or having opportunities to change up crew positions for new experiences.

Overall, we had great participation in 2018. Of the 21 boats on the roster, we would usually have between 5-9 boats out racing on any given Sunday (a max of 9 boats during one Sunday!). We usually have more than 10+ participating in our 2-day regattas. For our annual Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup Regatta, we moved our date to June, as we hosted the 2018 Dixie District Regatta. We had an outstanding turnout & RC ready to go, but the wind did not cooperate and we only got 2 races off that weekend. Due to our event being the District event, we had an excellent turnout with 28 boats! This season, we continued a regular practice of gathering around the BBQ grill after the racing to trade stories about starts, mark roundings, and other tall tales from the racing.

For the 2018 Racing Season…We had 15 boats participate, [15] were active and [13] qualified for the 2018 Championship Series. We had 12 boats travel to at least 1 away regatta in 2018!

Fleet 50 is now an official organization
As of Jan 2019, Fleet 50 now has a bank account in our own name. Due to recent changes in the banking laws; individuals are no longer allowed to have an individual bank account with a DBA/club name on them. Unfortunately for us, that meant a lot of research & moving to obtaining our own TIN to open the account. Nothing will change is how we operate at this time, but I just wanted to make everyone aware of the new status.

Fleet Business
Fleet By-Laws
Propose to change fleet roles/positions from 9 to 3:
Fleet Captain
All other positions will be filled on a volunteer basis

I have been reviewing the financials and I believe that we are spending way too much in awards, especially in relation to the income we receive. I would like to reduce the number of awards from 17 to 9 awards as follows:
Series Championship, from 1st-5th to 1st thru 3rd similar to awards in regattas. (5 > 3)
Iron Skipper [Make Perpetual Award], Bloody Rudder, All Weather Crew
From 9 other awards to 3

Best New Crew:
Most Improved Crew:
Fleet 50 Helper Award

High Impact Crew:
Team Spirit Skipper:
Congeniality Award:
Most Improved Skipper:
Skipper of the Year:
Bungle Bucket:

Fleet 50 welcomed 1 new members (to make 21 boats listed on the roster)
We were excited to see many boats on the water in 2018, and look forward to building on this momentum in 2018. This year we welcomed:
#15259 Mike & Angie Darrah, Humuhumu

A complete listing of our Fleet 50 boats and skippers can be found here:

Financial Report (Treasurer)

2017 Beginning Balance $4130.08
End Balance $ ?
2018 Beginning Balance $ ?
End Balance 3,900

The 2019 Lighting Fleet 50 Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup (May 11-12, 2019)
Doc Gilbert Regatta at Leesylvania State Park & Entry Fee remains at $125. The 2018 Doc Gilbert/Dixie Districts was one of the best attended regattas in our District this past year. This year we are once hosting the Dixie Districts over Mother’s Day Weekend and are goal is to reach the goal of 25 boats 2019!

Jim Dillard will work on beer/permits and the Oyster boat.
PRO: Bruce Bingman (confirmed via email 101/06/19 to LML)
We have continued our partnership with the I-20 fleet to have Fleet 50 Member to staff RC will be supported by the PRSA I-20 fleet (and we ready to go with 8 volunteers). Fleet 50 members have volunteered to run RC for PRSA I20 Cheery Blossom, (April 21-22, 2018) in exchange for having the I-20 fleet members help volunteer for Doc Gilbert.

Park Cleanup Day: Saturday, May 4th, 2019.
Regatta Chair needed!
Need a volunteer to be in charge of Food
We need lots of additional volunteers to help. Our job is to host and make sure others can sail! We need to make sure we get visitors, and put on a great regatta.

Officers for 2019
Fleet Captain: Lisa-Marie Lane
Treasurer: Christy Chen
Secretary & Scorer: Bob Astrove

Many thanks to the Officers who served Fleet 50 in 2018:
Fleet Captain: Lisa-Marie Lane
Lieutenant for Racing: John Van Voorhis
Treasurer: Bob Gotthardt
Secretary: Geof f Bishop
Scorer: Will Summers –THANK YOU!!!
Potomac Cup Regatta Chair: Aaron Boesenecker

Complete 2018 season results:

2018 Fleet 50 Awards



Best New Crew: Emily Patton
Recipients of the Best New Crew award must have completed their first season of racing for Fleet 50 skippers in Fleet 50 racing events. Winners will be determined based on strength of nominators’ citations, for commitment to racing; sailing skill; and support of the Fleet. The winners may not also receive awards for High-impact Crew; Most Improved Crew; or Fleet Helper.

Most Improved Crew-Jim Lane accepting for Jared McLenore

Most Improved Crew-Jim Lane accepting for Jared McLenore

Most Improved Crew: Jared McLenore
Recipients of the Most Improved Crew award must have completed their second or subsequent season of racing for Fleet 50 skippers in Fleet 50 racing events. Winners will be determined based on strength of nominators’ citations, for improved sailing skill, commitment to racing; and support of the Fleet. The winners may not also receive awards for High-impact Crew; Best New Crew; or Fleet Helper.


High Impact Crew: Angie Darrah
Recipients of the High-impact Crew award must have sailed for one or more Fleet 50 skippers in Fleet 50 racing events. Winners will be determined based on strength of nominators’ citations, for making a significant difference in the racing performance of the boat or boats, commitment to racing, and support of the fleet. The winners may not also receive awards for Best New Crew, Most Improved Crew, or Fleet Helper.


Team Spirit Skipper: Geoff Bishop
The recipient of the Team Spirit Skipper award will be the skipper that makes racing/regattas a fun experience and does a great job fostering a team spirit on board, improving skills, encouraging participation. This has to do with competitive spirit but also patience on board and ability to make it a pleasant rather than stressful learning experience for the team as a whole, regularly attending races/going out there and doing their best regardless of performance.


Congeniality Award: Jeff Whitten
The recipient of the Mr. Hospitality/Congeniality award will be the Fleet 50 skipper who always seems ready to share a smile, some advice over a beer, makes people feel especially welcomed in the fleet, at the marina, and on their boat – and even better if they provide great lunches/refreshments/beer for their crew, or something to share on the grill after racing.

Most Improved Skipper: Aaron Boesenecker
The recipient of the Most Improved Skipper award will be the skipper who has improved their cumulative score in the Championship Series from the prior year by the largest number of positions.
Aaron Boesenecker from 4th in 2017 to 1st in 2018 (+4)
Lisa-Marie & Jim Lane – from 6th to 5th (+1)
John Van Voorhis – from 8th to 7 th (+1)


Skipper of the Year: Mike Darrah
The recipient of the Skipper of the Year award will be a Fleet 50 skipper who has demonstrated exceptional instances of support of the fleet, bravery, good judgment, and commitment to racing. The nomination has no correlation to how good of a skipper they are. This has to do w/ personality, fun, skill — basically a popularity vote.

Fleet 50 Helper Award: Red Fehrle & Suz Humphrey
Awarded to a fleet member who helps the fleet in a unique, special, or selfless way. Red & Suz for stepping into arduous role of Head Chefs. For our signature event Doc Gilbert. Both Red & Suz put a tremendous amount of time and energy to plan a great menu, shop, set up and cook for everyone for the weekend!


Bloody Rudder Award: Bob Astrove
Awarded to the skipper who travels to the most qualifying traveling regattas in the season.
Bob Astrove: 10 regattas
Lisa-Marie Lane: 5 regattas
Jim Lane: 5 regattas


All Weather Sailor Award: Ed Lane
Awarded to the crew who sails the most days on a Lightning.
Ed Lane: 18 race days
Lisa-Marie Lane: 14 race days
Jim Lane: 14 race days

Iron Skipper Award: Bob Astrove
The recipient of the Iron Skipper award will be the skipper who has had the most race days on the water, including local and out-of-town events and days on the water serving on Race Committee.
Bob Astrove: 23
Lisa-Marie Lane: 18
Jim Lane: 14

2018 Series Championship

Congratulations to Aaron Boesenecker on Beedobeat (14592) for winning the 2018 Fleet 50 Championship Series. John Van Voorhis on Shamrock (15117) took 2nd place, firmly holding on to his 2017 finishing position. Bobby Astrove (7603) once again held 3rd place overall in 2018. Mike & Angie Durrah on Humuhumu (15259) finished 4th this year and Lisa-Marie & Jim Lane on “As you Wish…” (15126) finally made the leaderboard in 5th place.

Lightning Fleet 50
Annual Meeting Minutes, 2/23/2019
Bob Astrove, Secretary

Recap of Past Year
Discussion and Encouragement about Dixie District Purnell Award and scoring. That it is a one event per fleet award to encourage participation around the District.

Participation in PRSA, 62 races in 2018, 21 Boats on our roster, 15 of which were active in 2018, and 13 qualified for our fleet championship. 12 Boats traveled to one or more away regatta’s

We are now a 501C7 Organization. A non-profit club. Required we register under this status due to banking law changes.

As part of 501C7 registration process we discovered we can not locate a copy of our by-laws. Lindsay volunteered to develop a draft set and distributed for comment.

A motion was made and passed by voice vote to reduce the number of fleet officers to 3, those being Fleet Captain, Treasurer, and Secretary

Slate of Officers was presented for 2019, and passed. Lisa Marie Lane as Fleet Captain, Christy Chen as Treasurer, Bob Astrove as Secretary.

A motion was made and passed to reduce the awards for our fleet championship to just first, second, and third place.

A motion was made and passed that we make a perpetual trophy for our annual Iron Skipper award. To be made by a member. Volunteer to be determined.

A motion was made and passed that we reduce the number of crew awards to 3 or 4 for next year. Motion modified to allow the Executive Committee to determine the awards given each year, and to change the award set, as they deem appropriate on an annual basis.

The Treasurer’s report was given. The fleet has approximately $3700 in its bank account. Exact figure is not known, due to us being in the middle of transitioning to 501C7 status and a new bank account is being set up.

Discussion of the Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup, our signature annual event. A recap of last year highlighted that the event was also our Dixie District Championship and we had 28 boats attending.

For 2019 the event will be May 11 & 12. A reservation has been made with Leeslyvania State Park.

Our annual volunteer day at the park will be May 4. Multiple members spoke to the importance of our volunteer efforts there, how it yields a waiver of the rental fee for the Pavilion and a large discount to the park entry fee for our event.

We need a volunteer for Regatta Chairperson and a Food Chairperson.

We had discussion of waiving our scoring penalty for sailing short 1 or 2 crew members in our local races. A motion was made and passed that for the PRSA Spring Series event(s) we will waive the scoring penalty, and attempt to track data on race results. The fleet executive committee will re-evaluate after the Spring Series and make a recommendation for Fall Series scoring. This rule does NOT apply to the PRSA Spring Regatta (Memorial Day weekend) or the Gilbert Potomac Cup regatta.

February Events, the AGM, Awards & Dues

Greetings Sailors!

Just wanted to send out a few reminders that we have some upcoming dates to get you back in the spirit of sailing!

Please make sure to update your calendars:

Race Committee Seminar, Monday 2/11/19
Heavy Seas Alehouse, 1501 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA 22209
Monday, February 11th. Social hours 5:00-7:00, Discussion begins at 7:00pm
Join PRSA members Aaron & Nabeel on February 11th at Heavy Seas Alehouse in Arlington, where Nabeel and Aaron will be presenting tips, tricks, and priorities you want to know so that you can run race committee. (Plenty of chance for discussion if you have questions. If you have no questions, come out and share a drink with your sailing friends, and maybe share your own tips.)

Dixie District Winter Social, Saturday 2/16/19, 12:00-2:30 pm
Union Jack’s of Annapolis (next to Annapolis Towne Centre)
2072 Somerville Rd.
Annapolis, MD 21401

3 Time Lightning North American Champion Allan Terhune will be our speaker. If there are any areas or questions that you’d like to hear Allan discuss, if possible, please let me know so I can forward to him.

If you have not signed up for the AGM, please take a few minutes and sign-up, complete the award nomination & print the new 2019 Dues form to bring to the meeting. If you do not have any checks, please contact me and I will be able to give you information to send an e-payment.

AGM Meeting, Saturday, February 23rd, 6:00-9:00 pm
Special Thanks to Jim & Joyce Dillard
who offer to host this year at their home in Fairfax VA
(address listed on Potluck Signup Sheet)

We are going to stick with the potluck format, sign up so we know how many people are coming and what delicious dishes you are bringing.

so please head over to the Fleet 50 website to or click the link:

2018 Fleet Awards
While you are there, make sure to submit your nominations for our Fleet 50 awards if you’ve not already done so.


2019 Fleet 50 Dues
Skippers please fill out a membership form for dues renewal for the 2019 sailing year. Christy Chen has volunteered to be our new Treasurer and will be available at the meeting to collect your dues. (Please pay your PRSA dues before Jan 31st to avoid the late registration fee).

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call. I look forward to seeing you all on the 23rd for some great food and drink in fantastic company!


Lisa-Marie Lane
Fleet Captain, Lightning Fleet 50

2019 AGM, Saturday Feb 23rd 6:00-9:00pm

Greetings Sailors,

Mark your calendars! We will hold the Fleet 50 Annual General Meeting and Awards Banquet on:

Saturday, February 23rd, 6:00-9:00 pm
Special Thanks to Jim & Joyce Dillard
who have offered to host this year at their home in Fairfax VA
(address listed on Potluck Signup Sheet)

We are going to stick with the potluck format, sign up so we know how many people are coming and what delicious dishes you are bringing. So please sign up by heading over to the Fleet 50 website to or click the link:

2018 Fleet Awards
While you are there, make sure to submit your nominations for our Fleet 50 awards if you’ve not already done so.

2019 Fleet 50 Dues
Skippers please fill out a membership form for dues renewal for the 2019 sailing year. Christy Chen has volunteered to be our new Treasurer and will be available at the meeting to collect your dues. (Please pay your PRSA dues before Jan 31st to avoid the late registration fee).

I look forward to seeing you all on the 23rd for some great food and drink in fantastic company!


Lisa-Marie Lane
Fleet Captain, Lightning Fleet 50

Lightning Hampton Fall Fling, 11/3-11/4

We attended the last Lightning Dixie District regatta of 2018, Thanks so much to Joe Buczkowski and the Hampton Yacht club for hosting another great event with the largest Lightning attendance with 11 boats!

Check out the results and nice write up by Joe at ILCA:

Lighting Women Rule! (we missed you Kelly!)

Lighting Women Rule! (we missed you Kelly!)

Hampton Fall Fling with 11 Lighting Teams!

Hampton Fall Fling with 11 Lighting Teams!

There were 2 days of great wind, awesome sailing and an incredible oyster roast by the amazing folks at the Hampton Yacht Club for hosting this event at their neighborhood home.   As the only fleet 50 boat, we would like to express special thanks to Emily Patton who joined us and did some awesome spinnaker flying in some tough conditions! And as always it is to hang our with our son Ed Lane at these Regattas, even though he is starting to build a nice crewing resume and his boat clearly kicks out butt on the race course! #nicefollowingyouaroundthecourseJoe!

Looking forward to seeing everyone in 2019!

Got Wind? YES!

Got Wind? YES!

Fleet 50 Members

Fleet 50 Members, Emily Patton, and Jim, LM & Ed Lane

PRSA President’s Cup Regatta Results

We had a good turnout for the 2018 PRSA President’s Cup Regatta, fantastic racing weather all weekend, and a packed spectator boat on Sunday.  What a great regatta!  Congratulations to Aaron, Andrew, Piercarlo, and Tom for taking the win on Beedobeat.  John Van Voorhis, Rachel, David gave them a run for their money though!  Many thanks to PRO Jim Graham (upper course) and PRO Will Phillppe (lower course) and their RC crews for all of the work that they did to get us lots of racing.  Results are posted here.  Stay tuned for links to photos and more!

Lightning Fall Racing…PRSA President’s Cup & What is Your “One More Regatta”

Greeting Sailors,

Happy Labor Day! It is hard to believe that the summer is over…although I am very much looking forward to the cooler (…okay, I would settle for anything less than 90!) fall weather  We are just around the corner from the beginning of Fall Racing!  Make sure your boat repairs are finished and your crew lists are distributed…the Fall Sunday Series starts on Sunday, 9/9.  The Fleet 50 calendar should be current, if you know of an event that is not posted on our calendar, please let me know.
PRSA President’s Cup Regatta 9/15-9/16
Please take advantage of the early registration fee and sign-up now!  You can register at:
This is also the one time where you can share with your friends what we do all day most Sunday’s…Send an email or post on social media the following information regarding the Spectator Cruise with your family, friends, co-workers.  There are 40 spaces available on a first come first serve basis.
Potomac River Sailing Association President’s Cup Regatta Spectator Cruise Information Sheet Sunday, September 16, 2017 Passengers will meet at the entrance of The Anchor Store, located at 709 Wharf Street SW, Washington, DC 20024. Thanks to the generosity of DC Sail and the National Maritime Heritage Foundation we are able to offer a PRSA President’s Cup Regatta spectator cruise aboard the schooner American Spirit on Sunday, September 16. The American Spirit will depart from the SW Waterfront at 11:30 am and will offer spectators views of the racing on the PRSA upper course (between Gravelly Point and Hains Point) as part of a 3.5-hour Potomac River cruise. This is a fantastic opportunity for friends and family to view the racing from a one-of-a-kind vantage point and to enjoy a cruise with views of monuments, landmarks, and other sights.
To register, please see the attached link:

DC Sail American Spirit Schooner

DC Sail American Spirit Schooner

One More Regatta
As I mentioned at the Annual Meeting in February, we should all be looking to add “one more regatta” to your calendar.  Not only will you get to sail in new venues, explorer new places & make new friends, but it will expand your sailing experience!
As you are looking ahead to the Fall Racing Season, please consider attending one of the following Dixie District Away Regattas:
10/6-10/7       PA Gov Cup, Susquehanna, PA
10/13-10/14   Frigid Digit, Annapolis, MD
11/3-11/4        Fall Fling, Hampton, VA
If you have any questions about these events, please let me know!   All information can be found on the ILCA racing event calendar:
-Lisa-Marie Lane
Fleet Captain, Lightning Fleet 50

New Fleet 50 Flag & Summer Sailing! Are you Ready for Racing!?!


Greetings Sailors,
I hope you have been enjoying your summer with friends and family!
The first thing I want to share with you is our new Fleet 50 Flag!!!!
New Fleet 50 Flag

New Fleet 50 Flag

When I first joined Fleet 50, I asked if we had a Fleet Flag…I was told the fleets do not have flags as they just use the yacht club burgee. While this is nice and we have the PRSA burgee, I really thought it would be nice to have a Fleet 50 Flag…so, one of my agenda items over the summer was to create a Fleet 50 Flag that we can fly while traveling to away regattas.
Since everyone in our club worked so hard volunteering for our Dixie Districts, we had a great turn-out and actually did well financially.  In light of everyone’s hard work, I have discussed it with the officers and we will be selling the new Fleet 50 Flag, at cost, for $35.  Fleet 50 will cover the one time art set-up and shipping charges.  If you are interested in buying a flag, please let me know, I have 23 available and will bring them with me to the 1st Fall Sunday Series 9/9/18.  Please bring a check payable to “Fleet 50.”
Summer Sailing
It has been a very busy summer and I wanted to share  some regatta highlights…There have been a lot of great opportunities to sail in Lightning Regatta’s this summer and as you can see below, Fleet 50 Members have been active at several events!  If you have attended a regatta, please make sure to send a write up and photos!  We love to show posts of our Fleet 50 members!!!
July 6-July 8 Lightning 80th Anniversary, Skaneateles, NY
This was a wonderful regatta.  We had 5 Fleet 50 Skippers competing on 3 different boats! And really enjoyed hanging out with our sister fleet at SSA
#15126 Jim Lane sailed with Will Summers and Paul Kresge in the Silver Fleet!
#7603 Bob Astrove, Geoff Fuller & Molly Levy in the Bronze (Wooden Boat Division)
#9507 Bill Cabrall, Raeyane Farrell & Lisa-Marie Lane  (Wooden Boat Division)
Make sure to congratulate Jim Lane and Will Summer for an awesome job finishing 6th place (out of 24 boats!)


80th Anniversary, Skaneateles, NY

80th Anniversary, Skaneateles, NY


Skaneateles Yacht Club

Skaneateles Yacht Club

IMG_0273 IMG_0236

Jul 24-Jul 28 Lightning North American’s, Mission Bay Yacht Club, San Diego, CA

Ed Lane represented Fleet 50 by crewing for Bill Cabrall & Raeyane Farrell (SSA)

San Diego, CA Bill Cabrall, Raeyane Farrell & Ed Lane

San Diego, CA
Bill Cabrall, Raeyane Farrell & Ed Lane

Aug 2-Aug 5 Lightning Women’s Junior’s & Master’s, Pontiac Yacht Club, , Keego Harbor, MI
Fleet 50 had 2 boats registered:
Women’s Team: As You Wish…Lisa-Marie Lane, Kyra Tallon & Jess Harrington
Men’s Team: Pandora, Bob Astrove, Jim Lane & Ed Lane
But by due to some unexpected health issues 2 weeks before the event, Bob Astrove was not able to head to MI!  This started a chain of events that once again proved:
 (a) Success is 90% Showing Up… and
 (b) Sometimes all it takes is being in the right place at the right time…
Tom Allen found out that he needed crew for the WJM’s in MI and Ed found out that he no longer had a boat in MI so he was offered the opportunity of the year to crew for Tom Allen and earn his 1st NA Championship as Tom Allen and crew finished in 1st place!  Unfortunately, this was the “one” regatta that someone did not need last minute crew so Jim was shore crew extraordinaire & helped on RC with Brain Hayes.  Well done Ed!!!  Good things are now expected of you!!!!

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Aug 25-Aug 26 Fleet 192-Duck Challenge, Harve De Grace, MD
USCG Auxiliary checking in on the Harve de Grace Duck Mascot!
USCG Auxiliary checking in on the Harve de Grace Duck Mascot!
This last regatta of the summer had 18 competitors and 3 fleet 50 boats & 10 Fleet 50 members competing!  The fall, team Bishop will be a boat to watch out for…they sailed well even finished 2nd in race 5 on Sunday!  Congratulations Geoff, Quinton & Gigi!!!!!  
Saturday ended up being a relaxing day on the water as the wind never did fill in, so the RC brought us in mid-day, but Sunday was perfect 10-12kt from the SW for all 5 races!
#15084 Ed Lane crewed for Joe Buczkowski, Barb Hill (4th…bumped out of 3rd place by Team Hurban!)
#76113 Geoff Bishop, Quinton & Gigi Bishop (9th)
#15603 Bob Astrove, Jared McLenore &  Jonathan Karpethin (Bobby’s original crew is back!!!!) (10th)
#15126 Jim Lane, Emily Patton (our newest Fleet 50 Member!!!) & Lisa-Marie Lane (16th)

Team As You Wish...Waiting for the wind..

PRSA & Fleet 50 Flag proudly flying

PRSA & Fleet 50 Flag proudly flying

Sail Fast!!!