Spring Series #8 – Out of the West

8 Lightnings, 4 Albacores, 3 Cats, and 2 Buccaneers made it out for the last day of racing in the Spring Series. PRO Len Guenther and the Lasers did a great job to give us 4 Olympic races in the west winds.

The river was up from all of the rain during the week but the day was sunny and clear with temperatures in the low 70s. The winds were coming out of the west channeled through Crystal City and over the airport which meant changes in both wind direction and velocity.

The consistent factor on the day was Team Sinistra taking first in all four races. Sailing the shorter legged courses across the river with the changing winds meant lots of adjustment and tactical decisions. Did you drop the jib and put up the spinnaker or just stick with the jib for some of the shorter reaches? I found myself turning the ratchets on and off the spinnaker blocks through out the day as the pressure built and waned.

Back at the dock Chris Kozel had a near miss when one of the hooks on Strin Theory’s lifting bridle failed. Fortunately, the boat was barely out of the water so it splashed safely back in the Potomac. However, this is a good reminder to us all of why we should never get underneath the boat when it suspended by the crane and the need to periodically inspect safety equipment.


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