Two Great Regattas Coming Up…What’s On Your Calendar?

Greeting Sailors,

It is hard to believe that we are already two weeks into the fall season. Please note: we have 2 regattas coming up at the end of September for back-to-back weekends. Attached is the registration information, please register if you are planning to attend.

Want to go but need a little help? Crew: If you would like to attend but are not sailing on a boat or Skippers: still looking crew for more information, please let me know and I will do whatever I can to help you get involved!

Frigid Digit, SSA Annapolis, September 28-29 (DEADLINE EXTENDED until Sept 23rd)
Message from Joe Friebele Regatta Chair: Dear Lightning Sailors, You’ve come to the Frigid Digit before, so you know what a great regatta it is with excellent fall sailing on the Chesapeake and a great party. To entertain and educate us, we will have drone footage playing before and during dinner so that we can re-live our moments on the water, both good and bad!

Due to scheduling conflicts at Severn Sailing Association, the date has moved up from the middle of October to the last weekend in September–only 2 weeks away! This is good news since we can avoid the extreme weather that we typically have on one day of the regatta, and we’re looking forward to 2 good days of racing.  I want to personally invite you to come to this year’s Frigid Digit. If there is anything that I or the members of Fleet 329 can do to help you come, please let me know. I’ve attached the NOR, and the registration link is Frigid Digit 2019 Registration. Also, please add your name to ILCA Who’s Coming Website.

PA Governor’s Cup, Susquehanna Yacht Club, October 5-6
2019 PA Gov Cup Registration

PRSA President’s Cup/Cantina Cup – Results Are Posted
The PRSA President’s Cup, PRSA, last weekend was a huge success with almost 50 boats attending!  Congratulations to Bob Astrove & Team Pandora who won both the DC Sail Cantina Cup on Saturday and President’s Cup (included races for both days).  Complete results are found: 2019 PRSA President’s Cup Results
1st Place 2019 Cantina Cup & President's Cup

1st Place 2019 Cantina Cup & President’s Cup



Hold on to your feathers, Fleet 50 flew to the Duck Challenge Regatta!

2019 Harve De Grave Duck Challenge

2019 Harve De Grave Duck Challenge

by Mike Darrah…

The Duck Challenge started out with a bang…but ended with fireworks! Last year, the Duck was rumored to be a bit tame, with one day cancelled completely for lack of wind.  Not so this year, with great breeze out of the north east, a solid turnout of 16 boats, and a first-class cookout Saturday night, complete with 4th of July fireworks… in August.

Fleet 50 had 2 boats representing this year. Mike, Angie, and Liz on Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, and Bobby Astrove, Lisa-Marie and Jim Lane (since As You Wish… was still waiting on some new uppers) sailing Pandora II, one of Bobby’s beloved “woodies”, against a fleet of fiberglass.  Ed Lane once again crewed for Joe Buczkowski and his son Zach aboard Irie.  The fourth member of the Lane Clan also made an appearance as Rowan joined Team Humuhumu in a critical support role for Saturday and Sunday: cub-sitter.
Mike, Angie, and Josie, better known as “the cub”, tried to bolt out of DC at noon, but didn’t actually escape until almost 2:30pm, turning the 2 hour drive into a 5 hour crawl through Friday traffic. They eventually arrived just a few minutes after Liz Williams who had battled the same slog, but were consoled by the fact that their rental house was just a block and a half from the marina. Joe and Zach had a delay of their own Friday night, spending a couple hours on the side of I-95 to change a trailer tire that blew out in spectacular fashion on the drive up from Hampton Yacht Club in VA.

Nonetheless, by Saturday morning all teams were rigging in the parking area and greeting old and new friends on a crisp 65 degree day.  Team Humuhumu immediately noticed two things about the boat next-door: the inside was very, very pink, and the skipper was wearing a Coast Guard Academy sailing fleece.  Turns out Kayla Neuman, like Mike is a CGA alumni. Kayla, however, graduated in 2016, whereas Mike graduated… earlier.  And, much to Jim’s chagrin, Lisa-Marie has now started scheming up plans for a pink boat to match her spinnaker!

Rowan and Josie waved goodbye and cheered on the Fleet 50 boats from the park at the end of the wharf as the fleet headed out, at which point Josie promptly forgot about being upset and had a blast playing with her new friend Rowan for the rest of the day.
It was a short sail to the racing area, and after a brief postponement to let the wind settle, the fleet was off in a gusty 10-13 knots.  Irie crossed the finish line (appropriately marked by a giant inflatable duck) in third after a good start, but it turned out to be a little too good of a start: OCS. Cue sad trumpet.  Humuhumu caught a couple of right shifts and held on to second for a good start to the weekend.  The second race saw big shifts followed by a big drop in wind, including some all-ahead-drift conditions that mixed the fleet and resulted in a lot of throw-outs, but Bobby, Lisa-Marie, and Jim managed to snake Pandora II through the chaos and grab a 4th.  After some significant delays, the wind filled again, building to 15+ at times, and allowed the race committee to squeeze in a third race before calling it for the day.


A great day of racing calls for a great cookout, and our hosts at Havre de Grace delivered.  Lead by friendly host Pat Phelan, the party included delicious BBQ chicken, pork tacos, salmon, all the cold beer you could drink, and eventually two gigantic tubs of ice cream. To counter the calories, sailors engaged in a strenuous cross training program including corn hole, ladder-ball, exaggerated sea-stories, and trying to see how many people can fit in Jim’s precariously perched hammock as it swings out over the edge of the dock (three!).

How many Lane's can one hammock hold????

How many Lane’s can one hammock hold????

The cub proceeded to instruct everyone in corn hole technique, repeatedly demonstrating that it was much easier to get the beanbag in the hole if you just walk over to the other board before throwing it in.
The Cub, teaching everyone the best way to win at Corn Hole!

The Cub, teaching everyone the best way to win at Corn Hole!

As promised, Pat and crew delivered quite a nightcap: the town’s Independence Day Fireworks show, rescheduled (4th time due to weather) from the 4th of July just for the Duck Challenge crew.
The breeze was up on Sunday, pushing 18+ at times, and easily accommodated three races before 1300. The wooden wonder Pandora II came alive in the tougher conditions, Bobby and crew grabbed a 2nd  place finish right off the bat and a 5th in the last race, ultimately moving them up into 7th place overall for the regatta.

Team Humu Humu

Angie, Liz & Mike

Humuhumu continued to catch the shifts and stayed toward the front of the fleet, including a 4th and 5th on the second day, and the consistency paid off with a 4th place overall, only 1 point (!) out of what would have been a three-way-tie for 2nd place. Oh what might have been. But Kayla and her crew, in the very-very-pink boat, put on a clinic in the strong steady breeze, scoring three straight bullets on Sunday to win the weekend with a whopping 13 point lead over any other boat.  Whatever they are teaching in New London these days, it works.  2019-0825 Duck Challenge Results
All-in-all it was a great weekend both on and off the water, and a perfect warm-up for the PRSA Fall Series, coming September 8th to a Potomac River near you!

WJM North American’s Buffalo Canoe Club, Aug 6-10th 2019


The Buffalo Canoe Club…Wow.  Not only is it one of the most beautiful places to sail, but I now understand why most of the best sailors are from here!  We were fortunate to had have 3 boats from Fleet 50 racing and were able to rent a perfect place on the property that comfortable slept 9!  It was a great 5 days!  

Special thank you to Nautical Photography who took the incredible photos.  Photos can be seen here .  Results from the WJM’s:

2019-08 Masters_NAC_382048389 / 2019-08 Womens_NAC_1083084948

Day 1 Tuesday | Check-In; Measurements 

Most of us arrived to the club around the same time, so it was nice to have the familiar faces in the parking lot as all of the boats were unpacked and waiting to be weighed & measured.  Since we were right on the property, the location made coordination between part of the team getting registered and the other half helping to  unload, get provisions & settle in for the week.

2019-0806 The House

Jim & Ed checking in as boats were set up

Jim & Ed checking in as boats were set up

Day 2 Wednesday | Picking Mooring Balls, Practice Sail & Social

Since all boats are “wet-sailed” once we were able to get measured in, we needed to find a mooring ball to mark as our own for the week.  We were shuttled out to the mooring field and we picked our spot.  Once we had our mooring ball, we launched our boats in the water & practiced catching the mooring ball…

Claiming our mooring slips!

Ready to claim our mooring slips!

Unique ways to mark a moorning ball!

Unique ways to mark a mooring ball!

Mooring Fields

Mooring Fields

Then off to the practice race before heading back & meeting folks for the social.

2019-0808 Social

Women's Wine Spa

At theWomen’s “Wine Spa” Mixer  we found a replica of the Olympic Torch.  Yeah Dixie District Girls!

Day 3 Thursday | All Races Abandoned

Due to a huge front moving through, all racing was cancelled, so we all had a a down day enjoying some sightseeing & relaxation.

2019-0809 The Bike Ride

Sightseeing Niagara Falls

Sightseeing Niagara Falls


The statue of Nikola Tesla near the Table Rock area at Niagara Falls.

The statue of Nikola Tesla near the Table Rock area at Niagara Falls.

Day 4, Friday | First Day of Racing (2 Races)

Thu Aug 8th Weather Forecast

Thu Aug 8th Weather Forecast

The weather was very good, but there were some big waves.  This was the BCC weather so many folks talk about. Here is the post from ILCA:

Breeze On! First day of racing for Women’s, Juniors and Masters North American Championships at BCC yesterday (Fri Aug 9th). 2 Races for each fleet before the breeze and waves piped up enough to end racing for the day. Team Moloney and Probsts took line honors in the Women’s Div, Team Wake took 2 bullets in the Juniors and Team Proctor and Team Gonzalez won the Master’s Races. Photos from action on the water were taken by Art Petrosemolo Nautical Photography:…/2019-Lightning-WJM

2019-0809 As You Wish2019-0809 Big Waves 2 2019-0809 Big Waves 3 2019-0809 Big Waves 4 2019-0809 Big Waves


Beautiful Yacht Club & Incredible Hospitality!

Beautiful Yacht Club & Incredible Hospitality!  Aaron & Jim share a well deserved drink after a hard day of racing!


Day 5, Saturday | Second Day of Racing ( 2 Races), Pulled from Water, Pack Boats & Drive Home

We had another 2 solid races on Saturday to complete the event.

Men's Team Start

Men’s Team Start

Women's Team Start

Women’s Team Start

Then it was sailing your boat to the ramp and wait in line until the ATV had your trailer and pulled you from the water.  Dropping the mast, packing up and hitting the road to drive home.

ATV pulling a (larger) boat of the water.

ATV pulling a (larger) boat of the water.




ILCA Atlantic Coast Championship, July 13-14, 2019

ILCA Atlantic Coast Championship, Susquehanna Yacht Club

This year our sister fleet 253 in Susquehanna Yacht Club hosted the Atlantic Coast Championship. It was a beautiful venue and great turn out with 29 boats! Since there were several folks getting ready for the North American’s (being hosted at Buffalo Canoe Club, Canada in early August), there was some great competition from over 12 different clubs! Be sure to check out the results 2019-0714 Atlantic_Coast_Championship_795197327 to see all of the different teams.

2019-0715 SYC 2019-0715 SYC SailboatsThe first day, we had very light shifty wind conditions but were able to get 4 races. On Sunday, the wind started to fill in nicely, but due to the Sis there was a limit on 5 races, so unfortunately, there was only one race Sunday.

Congratulations to Don Brush, Emma Hawko & Darcy Lavalie (Malletts Bay) who came in first place, Parker Colantuono Jackie Morrison & Samantha Kappaz (Niantic Bay YC) 2nd Place & Mark, Adam & Cindi Schneider (Riverton YC) who came in 3rd. Special Kudos to Bill Cabrall, Brian Hayes & Stephanie Detwiler who was the highest placing Dixie District Boat in 5th Place!

Photos can be viewed:


The complete results of the result can be found here: 2019-0714 Atlantic_Coast_Championship_795197327

2019-0715 Fleet 50 Teams

Fleet 50  had a great showing with 4 boats:

15603  Bob Astrove, Brian & Kirsten Burk

15259  Mike & Angie Darrah, and Liz Williams

15126  John Van Voorhis, Jennifer Pike & Greg Carlsen

15126  Lisa-Marie Lane, Kyra Tallon & Christy Dillard Chen

Champagne Regatta / Classic “Woody” Lightning Get Together, Hammondsport NY

-Bob Astrove

Put this event on your list for next year!

Our annual trip to the annual Classic Lightning Get Together (aka Woody Regatta) continues to be one of the highlights of my sailing season.   The last weekend in June New York’s Finger Lakes are always spectacular.   I encourage everyone to try this regatta at least once.   We share a course but have separate starts for a fleet of modern lightnings (this year 14), and a fleet of old classic lightnings (also 14 boats this year).   This event has grown  into one the larger Lightning events on the circuit (28 boats), but with a split fleet still has a smaller regatta feel.  The combination of the two fleets works great on land and at the party.

The weekend always begins Friday evening with a reception at the Finger Lakes Boating Museum.  We get a hands on (yes, they let us touch) the collection of restored boats.  Their rule is that they only display boats built in the Finger Lakes region.  That includes Pen Yan’s, Moorhouse, Skaneateles, and many more.  They also are home to the original Lightning mold from Skaneateles and they have # 167 parked right next to it so you can really see how the mold really worked, and how Skaneateles Boat Company could build a hull in just one day. We also get to visit their workshops, the antique motor room, etc..  And by the way, the museum is located in the old Taylor Winery buildings which were donated to the museum.

Saturday we enjoyed a near perfect 8 to 10 mph breeze and sailed 3 races.  At the end of the day we were tied with Gerry Paoli (lifelong lightning sailor from St. Louis, sailing what was his father’s wooden Carl Eichenlaub built boat).

This year we also welcomed the freshly restored boat of Tom Tomlinson, who some of you may know Tom from the Southern Circuit, often crewing for Jack Jones.  Also this year we had the maiden launch of a brand new woody from Mike Seibert of Vermont.  Mike spent 8 years building this drop dead beautiful boat.

A newer tradition (3 years now), on Saturday evening we are entertained by a band including Criag Thayer (many of your own one of Craig’s Fabricraft Covers).

Sunday was a little rough for us on Pandora.  My plan was a crew change to take my crew from Saturday, a friend from New Jersey, and our two wives for our Long Distance Race.  We were greated by a stiff breeze (about 15 to 18).  We sailed around for a while, but I opted to come in.   They did get a great race in without us.

So I encourage all of my fellow fleet 50 friends to make the drive to Hammondsport NY for this event.  And you should plan to spend an extra day or two.  This is in the heart of the NY wine country, Watkins Glen is nearby, the Corning Glass Museum is first class, and so much more.


2019-0630 Champagne Regatta at Keuka Yacht Club 2019

Annapolis Summer Series, Jun 22, Jun 29-30th

Jun 22, 29-30th    Annapolis Summer Series, Severn Sailing

(2019-0630 SSA Lightning Summer Series Results)

From Bill Cabrall…As I get ready to write up the Fleet 329 Summer Series for the Flash Blast and SSA newsletter, I thought you all would like a hint at the plot line, which will feature, amongst other things, a repudiation of the idea that there is never any wind in Annapolis in the Summer.

The plot below is for Saturday, June 29.

2019-0609 Wind GraphWe were racing between 12 and 2:30 or so, with wind in the mid-high teens, and a lot of chop. You can see that the decision to suspend racing sufficiently before the thunderstorms hit was a sound one, as I doubt any of us wants to be out on the water when it is blowing 40+. Thank you Race Committee!


 On Sunday, the weather was even more interesting, as shown by the plot below:

2019-0629 Wind Graph


We were racing from 11 am until a little after 1 pm, in wind with a base ranging from 15-20 and puffs into the mid 20’s.

A couple of things stand out. First, although for some strange reason I wasn’t checking my watch when it happened, I think I can easily see the moment, just about noon, when Lisa-Marie’s boat went airborne and Joe’s mast surrendered to his steely eye’d resolve and determination to compete.  I can also see that the decision to stop at 2 races was a sound one, as the wind did clearly get above the Lightning Class upper racing limit of 26 mph for a significant part of the afternoon. So much for light and fluky!–Bill

P.S. As I could not make the first day of the summer series, I would appreciate any information anyone wishes to forward about that day of racing. Also, I would like to get the ‘official’ story of what happened to Joe’s mast, as all I actually saw was the look on Jessica’s face as she watched it happen from the bow of our boat. I did get a quick (and quite impressive) glance of Lisa-Marie’s boat broadside to the wind, mast horizontal, and her entire team rock climbing the cockpit in a desperately successful attempt to reach the weather rail, but that was all.

 Notes from Lisa-Marie…Had a great 3 days of sailing over the last 2 weekends at Severn Sailing Association with Angie Angela Boyer Darrah Aifd (thank you Michael Darrah) and Kyra Tallon and Jim Lane. We were hoping to get some heavy air and wave sailing practice in for the Women’s North Americans in Buffalo Canoe Club this August and we were not disappointed! As always the hospitality of our sister fleet at SSA is first class! Special thanks to Joan & Gary Hurban for loaner batten and Bill Cabrall for the tools and great suggestions for our small boat improvements!

2nd Place goes to Team As You Wish...

2nd Place goes to Team As You Wish…

Team As You Wish…had fun and learned a lot (well mostly the Skipper learned a lot…) this weekend 1) like there are better ways to see who made the offset mark other than dragging it with you for a few minutes and if the wind shifts going downwind under the Spinnaker and 2) you don’t change direction with the shift you can also see how clean your center board is! Or as Jim so elegantly phrased it: “Prefer to rule it an intentional effort to simply slow life down and contemplate the centerboard from the vantage point of starboard side!”

Most importantly we drank a lot of Dark & Stormy, no that was not it…I mean we sailed well as a team! The icing on the cake was we placed 2nd in the Summer Series, which was the 1st time we have won anything in Annapolis! Thank you again Angie, Kyra and most importantly my boyfriend and biggest supporter Jim Lane!!!!!

June 8th-9th, Dixie Districts, Hampton, VA


From Joe Buczkowski…Great weekend for the Dixie Districts.

Well despite the forecast Mother Nature had for the weekend we got in 6 fun but challenging races for the District championships. 13 Teams made the trek to Hampton VA – most in the pouring rain…

2019-0608 Wind Graph

Saturday racing started with strong easterly wind pushing close to 20 with some higher gusts.
After two races and an attempt for a third the RC abandoned race 3 and sent in the fleet. We enjoyed good fun over dinner and even celebrated Bill Cabrall’s birthday with
cake a round of “Happy Birthday!”

Side Note from LM: After race two, I decided that even with the amazing crew of Aaron & Jim, I was not going to be able to sail for another hour plus with the strength I needed. We decided to retire and radioed to RC that we were going in, as I passed Joe’s boat with my son Ed, he made sure to give me a hard time about going in and why can’t we stay out and finish the last race…As we were turning into the calm of the marina we saw the fleet close behind. As the other boats came ashore we found out that as race 3 was abandoned. The determining factor…after the start of race 3, instead of beating up the course, Joe’s boat was suddenly falling off fast. Like any good forward, Ed started yelling back “Hey Joe, you’re off the wind…” and when no one answered, he turned around and saw Joe and most of the main sheet were no longer on the boat. With excellent reaction skills Joe’s son Zach and Ed were able to get the boat under control, without a main sheet, and turned into the wind so it wouldn’t capsize. RC picked up Joe and was able to tow “Irie” and crew safely back to shore. At which point my son quickly pointed out how smart we were to come in when we did…LOL

2019-0609 Wind Graph

Sunday was a pleasant surprise as the forecast was for storms and high winds but we got a great easterly breeze in sun in the 12-15 range and got 4 awesome races in.

We finished just in time as the wind did gust up as we finished the last race and headed in.

Congrats to Steve, Chloe and Dave Constants for winning the championship! Jim Allman, Trevor Prior, Joan Hurban and Joe Buczkowski rounded out the top 5. Zach
Buczkowski was the top placing junior and Jose Darrah was named youngest sailor (although in a crib she let Mom and Dad sail. Just as important!)

At the start the forecast was bleak to get in one race let alone the 6 we ended up with!

Congrats to Steve Constants and team in showing us how it’s done! Thanks to Zack and Ed for working hard in challenging conditions and getting us to 5th overall.

2019-0608 Dixie_District_Championship_Results

Lightning Fleet 50 Members Clean-Up Leesylvania Park

Special thanks the 14.5 Fleet 50 members who took time out of their Saturday morning to spend a few hours cleaning up the shore line and pavilion areas of the park.   Our volunteer time giving back to the park enables our group to have the opportunity to host our Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup Regatta here each year.

Jim Dillard, Christy Chen, Nabeel Alsalam, Astrove, Lisa-Marie & Jim Lane, Tom Hutton, Bob Gotthardt, John Hart, Red Fehrle & Suz Humphrey, Mike & Josie Darrah, Geoff Fuller and Lindsay Bach (not pictured).

Jim Dillard, Christy Chen, Nabeel Alsalam, Astrove, Lisa-Marie & Jim Lane, Tom Hutton, Bob Gotthardt, John Hart, Red Fehrle & Suz Humphrey, Mike & Josie Darrah, Geoff Fuller and Lindsay Bach (not pictured).

We are all ready for our 35th Annual Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup Regatta next weekend.  If you haven’t signed up yet, please sign-up on Regatta Network: .   If you are looking for crew or you are available to crew, please get in touch with Frank Gallagher who is our Crew Connection.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone & having another great regatta!

-Lisa-Marie Lane
Fleet Captain, Lightning Fleet 50



35th Annual Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup, May 11-12th, Leesylvania State Park

Lightnings - 4 under spinnaker

Greetings Sailors and Happy Spring!

Our Lightning Dixie District sailing season started this weekend with the Moonshine Regatta and next on the calendar is the 35th Annual Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup, May 11-12th at Leesylvania State Park.

I wanted to invite you to our signature regatta in beautiful Leesylvania State Park and ask that you please pass this email along to your Lightning friends. We fortunate once again welcome back Bruce Bingham as our PRO and will be looking forward to hosting a great event for everyone. We realize that May brings a full calendar of events for your calendars, but we would like to make sure our regatta is part of your schedule!

Ways You Can Help:

1) Sign-Up! The more boats we have signed up, the greater the turnout! Please sign up on the “Who Coming” on the ILCA racing calendar:

2) Register. Please register Regatta Network (also listed on the ILCA Racing Calendar). Please click on the link to register. A strong showing of registered boats will encourage others who may not have attended recently to come sail with us again.

3) Spread the word…ask other fleet members if they are planning to attend or forward this email to other Lightning Sailors to get them involved. If you have any questions or need additional information or help with housing, please let me know.

4) Please volunteer at the Leesylvania State Park Clean up on Saturday, May 4th from 9:00-12:00pm.  This is how we give back to Leesylvania State Park for allowing us the opportunity to have the pavilion and camp on site for our event. We need volunteers to make this happen…Ask you friends and family if they would like to give a few hours of their time to help support a beautiful state park and our sailing club!please see the attached flyer for additional details.

Please flyer: 2019-0504 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

On behalf of Fleet 50, we are looking forward to hosting everyone once again and having a memorable event! We can’t wait to see you in Leesylvania on the 11th-12th.

-Lisa-Marie Lane, #15126 As You Wish…
Fleet Captain, Lightning Fleet 50


2019 AMG, Sat 02/22/19


Lightning Fleet 50 (Alexandria, VA)
2018 AGM & Awards Banquet (recapping the 2018 sailing season)
23 February 2019
Meeting Agenda & Reports
Overall State of the Fleet (Commodore)

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for Jim & Joyce Dillard for opening their home for our annual meeting!  It was a great evening, outstanding food & libations but most importantly wonderful camaraderie. Thank you to everyone who attended!  Who those of you who were not able to make it, we have a very good meeting & were able to cover a lot of important information about the Fleet.  Please take a moment to to ready the recap from our meeting below.

Established in 1943, Fleet 50 is proud to carry on the tradition of the Lightning as the longest enduring, most competitive and fun one-design racing class in the Washington DC metro area. We currently have about 21 active and semi-active boats. Our competitive racing schedule runs from early April through the first weekend of November each year.

Locally, Lightning Fleet 50 had a great racing season, with a total of 62 races completed as part of the scored racing season. This included an 8-week Sunday Spring Series and an 8-week Fall Series (43 races) as well as two 2-day weekend regattas, (the PRSA Memorial Day Spring Regatta (8), Memorials Day weekend, and the PRSA President’s Cup (9) in September) and our Fleet 50 Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup/2018 Dixie Districts Regatta in early May (2). In addition, PRSA also had hosts 2 non-scoring optional events, the Rookie Regatta in the spring and a distance race in the fall. Both events are opportunities to introduce new people to sailing or having opportunities to change up crew positions for new experiences.

Overall, we had great participation in 2018. Of the 21 boats on the roster, we would usually have between 5-9 boats out racing on any given Sunday (a max of 9 boats during one Sunday!). We usually have more than 10+ participating in our 2-day regattas. For our annual Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup Regatta, we moved our date to June, as we hosted the 2018 Dixie District Regatta. We had an outstanding turnout & RC ready to go, but the wind did not cooperate and we only got 2 races off that weekend. Due to our event being the District event, we had an excellent turnout with 28 boats! This season, we continued a regular practice of gathering around the BBQ grill after the racing to trade stories about starts, mark roundings, and other tall tales from the racing.

For the 2018 Racing Season…We had 15 boats participate, [15] were active and [13] qualified for the 2018 Championship Series. We had 12 boats travel to at least 1 away regatta in 2018!

Fleet 50 is now an official organization
As of Jan 2019, Fleet 50 now has a bank account in our own name. Due to recent changes in the banking laws; individuals are no longer allowed to have an individual bank account with a DBA/club name on them. Unfortunately for us, that meant a lot of research & moving to obtaining our own TIN to open the account. Nothing will change is how we operate at this time, but I just wanted to make everyone aware of the new status.

Fleet Business
Fleet By-Laws
Propose to change fleet roles/positions from 9 to 3:
Fleet Captain
All other positions will be filled on a volunteer basis

I have been reviewing the financials and I believe that we are spending way too much in awards, especially in relation to the income we receive. I would like to reduce the number of awards from 17 to 9 awards as follows:
Series Championship, from 1st-5th to 1st thru 3rd similar to awards in regattas. (5 > 3)
Iron Skipper [Make Perpetual Award], Bloody Rudder, All Weather Crew
From 9 other awards to 3

Best New Crew:
Most Improved Crew:
Fleet 50 Helper Award

High Impact Crew:
Team Spirit Skipper:
Congeniality Award:
Most Improved Skipper:
Skipper of the Year:
Bungle Bucket:

Fleet 50 welcomed 1 new members (to make 21 boats listed on the roster)
We were excited to see many boats on the water in 2018, and look forward to building on this momentum in 2018. This year we welcomed:
#15259 Mike & Angie Darrah, Humuhumu

A complete listing of our Fleet 50 boats and skippers can be found here:

Financial Report (Treasurer)

2017 Beginning Balance $4130.08
End Balance $ ?
2018 Beginning Balance $ ?
End Balance 3,900

The 2019 Lighting Fleet 50 Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup (May 11-12, 2019)
Doc Gilbert Regatta at Leesylvania State Park & Entry Fee remains at $125. The 2018 Doc Gilbert/Dixie Districts was one of the best attended regattas in our District this past year. This year we are once hosting the Dixie Districts over Mother’s Day Weekend and are goal is to reach the goal of 25 boats 2019!

Jim Dillard will work on beer/permits and the Oyster boat.
PRO: Bruce Bingman (confirmed via email 101/06/19 to LML)
We have continued our partnership with the I-20 fleet to have Fleet 50 Member to staff RC will be supported by the PRSA I-20 fleet (and we ready to go with 8 volunteers). Fleet 50 members have volunteered to run RC for PRSA I20 Cheery Blossom, (April 21-22, 2018) in exchange for having the I-20 fleet members help volunteer for Doc Gilbert.

Park Cleanup Day: Saturday, May 4th, 2019.
Regatta Chair needed!
Need a volunteer to be in charge of Food
We need lots of additional volunteers to help. Our job is to host and make sure others can sail! We need to make sure we get visitors, and put on a great regatta.

Officers for 2019
Fleet Captain: Lisa-Marie Lane
Treasurer: Christy Chen
Secretary & Scorer: Bob Astrove

Many thanks to the Officers who served Fleet 50 in 2018:
Fleet Captain: Lisa-Marie Lane
Lieutenant for Racing: John Van Voorhis
Treasurer: Bob Gotthardt
Secretary: Geof f Bishop
Scorer: Will Summers –THANK YOU!!!
Potomac Cup Regatta Chair: Aaron Boesenecker

Complete 2018 season results:

2018 Fleet 50 Awards



Best New Crew: Emily Patton
Recipients of the Best New Crew award must have completed their first season of racing for Fleet 50 skippers in Fleet 50 racing events. Winners will be determined based on strength of nominators’ citations, for commitment to racing; sailing skill; and support of the Fleet. The winners may not also receive awards for High-impact Crew; Most Improved Crew; or Fleet Helper.

Most Improved Crew-Jim Lane accepting for Jared McLenore

Most Improved Crew-Jim Lane accepting for Jared McLenore

Most Improved Crew: Jared McLenore
Recipients of the Most Improved Crew award must have completed their second or subsequent season of racing for Fleet 50 skippers in Fleet 50 racing events. Winners will be determined based on strength of nominators’ citations, for improved sailing skill, commitment to racing; and support of the Fleet. The winners may not also receive awards for High-impact Crew; Best New Crew; or Fleet Helper.


High Impact Crew: Angie Darrah
Recipients of the High-impact Crew award must have sailed for one or more Fleet 50 skippers in Fleet 50 racing events. Winners will be determined based on strength of nominators’ citations, for making a significant difference in the racing performance of the boat or boats, commitment to racing, and support of the fleet. The winners may not also receive awards for Best New Crew, Most Improved Crew, or Fleet Helper.


Team Spirit Skipper: Geoff Bishop
The recipient of the Team Spirit Skipper award will be the skipper that makes racing/regattas a fun experience and does a great job fostering a team spirit on board, improving skills, encouraging participation. This has to do with competitive spirit but also patience on board and ability to make it a pleasant rather than stressful learning experience for the team as a whole, regularly attending races/going out there and doing their best regardless of performance.


Congeniality Award: Jeff Whitten
The recipient of the Mr. Hospitality/Congeniality award will be the Fleet 50 skipper who always seems ready to share a smile, some advice over a beer, makes people feel especially welcomed in the fleet, at the marina, and on their boat – and even better if they provide great lunches/refreshments/beer for their crew, or something to share on the grill after racing.

Most Improved Skipper: Aaron Boesenecker
The recipient of the Most Improved Skipper award will be the skipper who has improved their cumulative score in the Championship Series from the prior year by the largest number of positions.
Aaron Boesenecker from 4th in 2017 to 1st in 2018 (+4)
Lisa-Marie & Jim Lane – from 6th to 5th (+1)
John Van Voorhis – from 8th to 7 th (+1)


Skipper of the Year: Mike Darrah
The recipient of the Skipper of the Year award will be a Fleet 50 skipper who has demonstrated exceptional instances of support of the fleet, bravery, good judgment, and commitment to racing. The nomination has no correlation to how good of a skipper they are. This has to do w/ personality, fun, skill — basically a popularity vote.

Fleet 50 Helper Award: Red Fehrle & Suz Humphrey
Awarded to a fleet member who helps the fleet in a unique, special, or selfless way. Red & Suz for stepping into arduous role of Head Chefs. For our signature event Doc Gilbert. Both Red & Suz put a tremendous amount of time and energy to plan a great menu, shop, set up and cook for everyone for the weekend!


Bloody Rudder Award: Bob Astrove
Awarded to the skipper who travels to the most qualifying traveling regattas in the season.
Bob Astrove: 10 regattas
Lisa-Marie Lane: 5 regattas
Jim Lane: 5 regattas


All Weather Sailor Award: Ed Lane
Awarded to the crew who sails the most days on a Lightning.
Ed Lane: 18 race days
Lisa-Marie Lane: 14 race days
Jim Lane: 14 race days

Iron Skipper Award: Bob Astrove
The recipient of the Iron Skipper award will be the skipper who has had the most race days on the water, including local and out-of-town events and days on the water serving on Race Committee.
Bob Astrove: 23
Lisa-Marie Lane: 18
Jim Lane: 14

2018 Series Championship

Congratulations to Aaron Boesenecker on Beedobeat (14592) for winning the 2018 Fleet 50 Championship Series. John Van Voorhis on Shamrock (15117) took 2nd place, firmly holding on to his 2017 finishing position. Bobby Astrove (7603) once again held 3rd place overall in 2018. Mike & Angie Durrah on Humuhumu (15259) finished 4th this year and Lisa-Marie & Jim Lane on “As you Wish…” (15126) finally made the leaderboard in 5th place.

Lightning Fleet 50
Annual Meeting Minutes, 2/23/2019
Bob Astrove, Secretary

Recap of Past Year
Discussion and Encouragement about Dixie District Purnell Award and scoring. That it is a one event per fleet award to encourage participation around the District.

Participation in PRSA, 62 races in 2018, 21 Boats on our roster, 15 of which were active in 2018, and 13 qualified for our fleet championship. 12 Boats traveled to one or more away regatta’s

We are now a 501C7 Organization. A non-profit club. Required we register under this status due to banking law changes.

As part of 501C7 registration process we discovered we can not locate a copy of our by-laws. Lindsay volunteered to develop a draft set and distributed for comment.

A motion was made and passed by voice vote to reduce the number of fleet officers to 3, those being Fleet Captain, Treasurer, and Secretary

Slate of Officers was presented for 2019, and passed. Lisa Marie Lane as Fleet Captain, Christy Chen as Treasurer, Bob Astrove as Secretary.

A motion was made and passed to reduce the awards for our fleet championship to just first, second, and third place.

A motion was made and passed that we make a perpetual trophy for our annual Iron Skipper award. To be made by a member. Volunteer to be determined.

A motion was made and passed that we reduce the number of crew awards to 3 or 4 for next year. Motion modified to allow the Executive Committee to determine the awards given each year, and to change the award set, as they deem appropriate on an annual basis.

The Treasurer’s report was given. The fleet has approximately $3700 in its bank account. Exact figure is not known, due to us being in the middle of transitioning to 501C7 status and a new bank account is being set up.

Discussion of the Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup, our signature annual event. A recap of last year highlighted that the event was also our Dixie District Championship and we had 28 boats attending.

For 2019 the event will be May 11 & 12. A reservation has been made with Leeslyvania State Park.

Our annual volunteer day at the park will be May 4. Multiple members spoke to the importance of our volunteer efforts there, how it yields a waiver of the rental fee for the Pavilion and a large discount to the park entry fee for our event.

We need a volunteer for Regatta Chairperson and a Food Chairperson.

We had discussion of waiving our scoring penalty for sailing short 1 or 2 crew members in our local races. A motion was made and passed that for the PRSA Spring Series event(s) we will waive the scoring penalty, and attempt to track data on race results. The fleet executive committee will re-evaluate after the Spring Series and make a recommendation for Fall Series scoring. This rule does NOT apply to the PRSA Spring Regatta (Memorial Day weekend) or the Gilbert Potomac Cup regatta.