2014 GoPro Racing Footage

PRSA Spring Regatta: 24-25 May 2014

  • The GoPro was on Sinistra for the first day of the regatta.  In this first race, we thought the left would pay, so we started as the leeward boat on the line and went left…and it did pay!  We legged out a bit for a nice win to start the regatta, though a couple of other boats kept it close for most of the race: http://youtu.be/TzWPi3L4tlI
  • The RC sent us off on a 1-lap WL course for the 2nd race of the PRSA Spring Regatta.  Starts are key in a short race, and the breeze had moved right so you’ll see us fight a bit for a mid-line spot, head left just a bit, and then take advantage of the breeze coming down the middle-right of the course.  A good start with speed and then catching the first shift was key to making it to the windward mark 1st and holding that lead for the rest of the race: http://youtu.be/C1KajSyssiw

PRSA Spring Series #6: 18 May 2014

We had the GoPro aboard the RC boat on this very, very tricky day: light to moderate breeze that was very patchy and a ferocious current of several knots after several days of rain in the DC area.  Here’s what we captured between our time re-setting marks that were drifting and trying to make sure our own RC anchors were holding.  You’ll see how fierce the current was, especially in the second and third clips as you see the stern of the committee boat.  We were anchored, but it certainly looks like we were motoring upriver!

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